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Epiphany on ERT World

ERT World celebrates Epiphany with Greeks around the world and presents special festive content for the day. The broadcast of the Patriarchal Divine Liturgy of Epiphany and the Blessing of the Waters at the Golden Horn Gulf is a special moment   is a special moment that Greeks abroad will be able to watch live. Festive shows and concerts are also part of this special content.

The Patriarchal Divine Liturgy of Epiphany and the Blessing of the Waters at the Golden Horn Gulf, 08.00 (Athens time)

On Saturday, January 6th, at 8:00 in the morning, we connect with the heart of Orthodoxy, the Patriarchal Holy Church of Saint George in Constantinople, to witness the service of Epiphany, presided over by His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and followed by the Blessing of the Waters and the tossing of the Holy Cross into the Golden Horn Gulf.

Dionysis Savvopoulos «I Was Born in Salonica», 18:45 (Athens time)

Dionysis Savvopoulos’ January 2023 performance at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall is broadcast for the first time

“This evening’s program is based on the idea of two of our most important composers and orchestrators of the younger generation: Antonis Sousamoglou and Lazaros Tsavdaridis, who wished to re-compose, in a way, and transcribe in symphonic form, the music from well-known songs of mine. I wish to thank them. They’re the unsung co-stars of this evening. They wrote my songs again, in their own rich staff, but also in my heart. So here we are on the stage of Megaron, with a full symphony orchestra and a mixed choir. My beloved Fotis Siotas and Katerina Polemi will sing with me. Singers and musicians alike, we have Miltos Logiadis as our conductor and we feel happy about it.”

This is how Dionysis Savvopoulos describes his one-night performance at the ‘’Alexandra Trianti’’ Hall of Megaron, by the title “I Was Born in Salonica”, which was first presented in Thessaloniki, in the context of the 2022 Heptapyrgion Festival, and produced by the Cultural Center Central Macedonia Region with an orchestra and the Choir of The City of Thessaloniki.

It is now presented in a revised and supplemented version, with the participation of ERT’s National Symphony Orchestra and the Athens City Choir, for the people of Athens to set sail on this two-hour musical journey along with Dionysis Savvopoulos.

Song: Dionysis Savvopoulos, Katerina Polemi, Fotis Siotas

Οrchestrations: Antonis Sousamoglou, Lazaros Tsavdaridis

With the City of Athens Choir – Αrtistic coordination: Stavros Mperis

and ERT Symphony Orchestra – Αrtistic coordination: Miltos Logiadis

Hold the Night (New Episode), 23:00 (Athens time) , Today: «Musical Homelands»

‘Hold the Night’ celebrates Epiphany with traditional music and songs, hosting beloved ERT personalities for a cheerful and entertaining evening.

Melina Aslanidou and Christos Nikolopoulos welcome Babis Tsertos, Maria Anamaterou, Dimitris Karasavidis, and Violeta Ikari to embark on a melodic journey from Constantinople to the Peloponnese with intermediate stops in Asia Minor, Pontus, Macedonia, the Cyclades, and the frontier island of Kastellorizo.

Accompanying them are actors from successful ERT series, discussing the roots, customs, and traditions of their homelands. They revive memories of celebrations in their regions, share what connects them to tradition, exchange wishes, laugh, sing, and dance.

Show Consultant: Lina Nikolakopoulou

Host: Melina Aslanidou, Christos Nikolopoulos

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