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Liana Gouta is the new Director General of the European Fuel Manufacturers Association

FuelsEurope & Concawe, the two divisions of the European Fuel Manufacturers Association, is the  new Director General from January 1st 2024. Liana Gouta, seconded from HELLENiQ ENERGY, took over the leadership of the Association from John Cooper.

The European Fuel Manufacturers Association, representing 39 members manufacturing fuels in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom appointed Mrs. Liana Gouta as Director General as of 1 January 2024 for a three-year term.

Luis Cabra, President of the Association commented: “After 8.5 years as Director General, John Cooper decided to leave the Association. On behalf of all the members I want to thank John, for his outstanding contribution, both in drawing the pathway for the European industry towards an ambitious, yet challenging transition to climate neutrality, and in positioning the Association as a key actor with the European Institutions in contributing to the 2050 climate neutrality objective for the EU.”

John Cooper stated: “Since my arrival at FuelsEurope & Concawe in 2015, the fuels industry has come under intense focus from the political and regulatory world, from across society, and during the challenging world events from 2020. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to have led the team in the Association that has yielded the vision and pathway for the transition of our industry, and I would like to thank all in the Association, our industry for our collaboration and support.”

Liana Gouta, MSc chemical engineer from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with more than a 30 years career in the energy sector, both in technical and managerial positions, as well as in energy policy and governmental affairs, has led major transformational initiatives and key projects, while having also been socially and publicly engaged in fostering energy transition, innovation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

Luis Cabra underlined: “Liana Gouta has a long-standing experience in the industry, active participation in the Association’s activities on behalf of her company, a strong leadership in professional associations, social and political engagement, a capacity to inspire and lead teams, and build networks in the professional, entrepreneurial, and governmental field. We trust that she will successfully lead the work in Brussels to contribute to achieving our sustainability objectives, within a political, regulatory and economic framework that will allow the industry to reinforce its competitiveness and contribute to the long-term objectives of the European Union, its businesses and citizens.”

Liana Gouta stated: “It is an honour and a privilege for me to have been selected by our members to take over the leadership of the Association in these challenging and volatile times for the energy sector and I heartily thank them for their trust. It is also an honour to take over the position of Director General from John Cooper whose contribution during these 8 years will be an inspiration to me, and I am very much looking forward to embarking on this journey. I aspire, together with our members and stakeholders, to showcase that our sector has been transforming, aiming to play a key role in addressing the EU’s ambitious goals for secure, sustainable and affordable energy for all.”



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