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Fotini Chamalidou was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in the UK’s Orthodox Art Festival

The Honorary Distinction was awarded to Fotini Chamalidou, in the Category of Fine Art, through the process of public voting.  

The Certificates of Excellence, of the Orthodox Arts Festival — an online event dedicated to Orthodox Artists around the world — are awarded to artists who, according to public votes, have demonstrated exceptional skill and piety.

As the artist herself points out, her artworks consist of natural and organic Food Waste materials. The idea began to emerge in 2016, when, following a short career break, during which she studied Gastronomy, she began to notice the vast amount of food waste in professional kitchens. On a quest for ways of achieving personal change and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, alongside her deep concern regarding the effect of climate change and modern lifestyle on ecosystems and human beings themselves, she developed the idea, within the framework of an innovative art form , of the “Sustainable Food Waste Artwork”.

As a Sustainable Visual Artist, Fotini Chamalidou, brings forth a unique artistic vision that is aimed at raising awareness regarding issues of sustainability and respecting the biodiversity of ecosystems.

Award of Excellence in the category of Fine Art:

As a Social Artist Educator, she collaborates with organizations, municipalities, schools, museums, NGOs and other agencies, designing and implementing Eco Projects and Performance Art of Sustainability & Creativity, thus highlighting the concepts of Sustainability and Social Cohesion. Fotini’s Sustainable Projects, which were chosen as the central action of this year’s ActionAid campaign for Food & Climate Change, contributed, with notable success, to the cultivation of awareness in thousands of students and teachers. The Projects of Education and Awareness regarding  Sustainability issues, which are designed and implemented by Fotini, focus on a process of animating and empowering for the development of a Culture of Sustainability with the aim of protecting ecosystems, highlighting the local characteristics of an area and maintaining social cohesion, and are addressed to business & organization staff, restaurant and hotel staff, groups of children and teenagers, adults, as well as groups of senior citizens.

 If you wish to participate in the Artistic Workshops and the Performance Art of Sustainability & Creativity, you can find out more from the Orthodox Arts Festival Workshops:


As an educator, with scientific training in Human Resource Management and Adult Education, she has extensive teaching experience (Soft & Life Skills), in Businesses, Lifelong Learning Centers, Federations, Associations and other Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Education bodies. The Development of  Communication, Creativity, Teamwork and Change Management are her strong points. At the same time, she implements Personal Development Projects, empowering people to change their lives, discover their talents and create their own unique way of expression.

More specifically, she has designed and implemented the following in-person and online Projects:

  • Performance Art of Sustainability & Creativity.
  • Eco – Food Waste Workshops for Children – LearnbyDoing.
  • Eco Workshop for Change Management – OutdoorLearning
  • Empowerment & Creativity of Women with Autoimmune Diseases.
  • Sustainable Gastronomy.
  • Gastronomy & Food Tasting.

You can find further information and contact details on the following social media sites.

Fotini Chamalidou

Sustainable Visual Artist | Social Artist Educator | Coach/Mentor | Cook

Tel. +306977094188 | Email: | Skype: fotini.hamalidou

Fotini Chamalidou ™© Sustainable Food Waste Artwork

Fotini Chamalidou ™© Sustainable Coaching/Mentoring Art Cooking Projects



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