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Ακούσαμε το νέο single των Ουκρανών WAVE.X με τίτλο “Pierrot (My Sad Prince)


WAVE.X was formed in 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, to play the music they love, and that is atmospheric and melodic goth rock/metal with female vocals. The recent war in Ukraine hasn’t prevented the band at all from spreading their music message. United and stronger than ever, they continue to play their music for all the people. WAVE.X gives local live shows to support Ukraine and its citizens. And above everything they give their message to the world, a message of unity and love!

WAVE.X has released a number of singles so far, and “Pierrot (My Sad Prince)” is a favorite of the fans in Spotify! The song actually summarizes the mysterious world of wanderings and fantasy the band is all about. In less than 5 minutes it gives an accurate stigma of the band’s personality and musical direction. Accompanied with a lyric video, “Pierrot (My Sad Prince)” finds WAVE.X in a great performing state, delivering some amazing ideas.

The starting melody of the song comes in with nice synth backings and it brings on vibes that can be compared with those coming from the really huge names of the genre like EVANESCENCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION. As Hanna’s voice breaks in (Hanna is the female vocalist of the band with the siren-like voice color, and co-founder of WAVE.X), the song becomes really huge and you can easily imagine it performed in big stadiums in front of thousands of people! It’s that good!

The rest members of the band are: Vitalii Karnaukh (guitarist and co-founder of the band along with Hanna), a man who delivers some fantastic guitar parts, and memorable riffs you can bang your head to while retaining the melody. The great rhythm section of Taras Zemskyi (bass) and Illia Ivashkevich (drums) offer WAVE.X the solid backing they need to lay their dark melodies upon.

“Pierrot (My Sad Prince)” left us with the best impressions. It actually left us asking for more! It would have been really great to see a full length album of coming out anytime soon. So, we suggest to all the fans and labels to listen to WAVE.X, discover them today and support them! WAVE.X gives their soul amidst a very tough war situation for their country! But they honestly deserve to be heard for their great music alone and immediately start a bigger career fronting the music scene and sharing the same stage with the big names of the genre! 

Wave.X – Pierrot (My sad prince) (Lyric video) 

Wave.X – Unwanted guest (Official Music Video) 



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