K. Kavafy: When you dance, you write on the ground what your soul wants to say


Όταν χορεύεις, γράφεις στη γη αυτά που θέλει να πει η ψυχή σου

Κ. Καβάφης

When you dance, you write on the ground what your soul wants to say.

K. Kavafy



The Hellenic Union of Romania is a partner in the Erasmus + Teachers for SwanZ project – a strategic partnership project in the field of vocational education and training (VET), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and initiated by the Floria Capsali Choreography High School in Bucharest, with others partners Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov National School of Arts in Russe-Bulgaria and the Attitude Studios – Ballet with Laura Dance School in Vienne-Austria. This is our presentation film. Enjoy it.

Through dance, people express their joy of living and being together. In times of pandemic, the Hellenic Union of Romania uses new technology to continue to bring people together through dance and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of ancestors. Despite their youth, the professionalism and love for dance of the young members of our dance ensembles have been recognized internationally, being CID-UNESCO certified.