HOT SUNDAY BLOOD from Italy – Interview


Hot Sunday Blood started a few years ago and now released their third full album “Kein Licht”. How can you describe your music on this album? I find this really diverse!

Hello! Our musical journey is constantly ongoing…and the result is the natural outcome of this process. I can label this record as “darker” compared to the others before. We put a lot of effort into this and we are very satisfied with it!


Do you believe that your unique style was the reason that Snooky Records signed with you? Most labels nowadays prefer some retro metal stuff…

We like to mix a bunch of things all together and that’s what we are. It’s always a pleasure when someone believes in you and helps you achieve your goal. We are grateful for that!


Six big songs make this release a normal album. Do you believe that there is a real use to release albums in 2021? What is your opinion?

Yeah why not. An album is like a still frame of a particular period of time. And in addition it’s a sort of concept. There is not a single story which is told through all songs but the themes have something in common, and it is a natural thing that they are grouped all together.


The spirit of creation is there, shining like a light in a chamber, a feeling that is pure energy. Do you believe that your whole life influenced your music? And if yes, how?

I think that life and music interfere with each other and one cannot exist without the other. Even in a band like ours, where five people put their efforts together, everyone is involved at an intimate level. In other words, what you are is what you play!


Many releases were delayed over a year due to COVID. I consider bands like you as heroes on this difficult age. You also seem to promote the album a lot. Do you need to sacrifice a lot of things in life about this?

Right now due to the pandemic our activity has decreased a lot and all we can do is to promote the album on the web. But on normal times we love to play our songs live. And this is our most important goal, we are definitely a live band. All of us dedicate a lot of time to the band but is absolutely not a sacrifice, we love what we do!


I really like the album. Are you ready for live performances?

You bet we are! After all of this inactivity we are thrilled by the possibility of playing live again!


You seem to be a really tight band. Is this a matter of nice band relations or is just enough the musicianship of the band?

Both of them. We are bandmates at first place but we also fit right as people. But most importantly we learnt over the time to interact as different musicians respecting our views and tastes.


Can you provide us more information about the album, the lyrics, the music etc or some general information?

We always try to say something important. Our themes are not very positive but we want to avoid being trivial and to speak about bad things just because we are a metal band and we must do so. The common point here is to talk about personal concepts rather than abstract ones. If you are that type of person you can apply yourself to many of our lyrics. We can sum it all up with a few words: grief, absence, loss. Music comes from what we are, situations we live, how we see the world. It’s “simply” a way to express our inner being. We have solid rock and metal roots even if everyone of us likes different things and tries to bring his vision into play. I think the ultimate motivation is that we like it. We like how our sound comes out, and we like to evolve and search for different solutions.


Compared to your other albums, which are the differences?

First of all the lineup was changed and we had to take some time to get a grip on the music. During that period we changed as people and expanded our musical interests. Finally we decided to mutate one more time our style and try to explore more obscure themes.


What can we expect from Hot Sunday Blood in the future?

Hard to say right now. We are in the process of composing and arranging songs for the new album but it’s totally uncertain the release date. Also our live performances have to be completely rescheduled in the (we hope near) future!


Thank you, guys! Our greetings to you in Italia!

Thanks for the interview! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and find our music on web platforms ( Spotify,Google Music,Itunes,etc ). Stay safe!