Cultural Route “Historic Cafes Route”


Introduction of the “Historic Cafes Route” logo, on the occasion of the International Coffee Day. EHICA due to its collaboration with the Council of Europe is now becoming a Cultural Route by the name “Historic Cafes Route”


The European Historic Cafes Association due to its close cooperation with the Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe is now transformed into an International Cultural Organization by the name “Historic Cafes Route”. EHICA is already in the process of bringing together all emblematic Historic Cafes worldwide into a Cultural Route that will promote the importance of Cafes as keepers of tradition that –during the years- spread culture.

Therefore, October 1rst, known as World Coffee Day, is the ideal date to officially announce the transformation of EHICA into a “Historic Cafes Route”. This was a difficult, demanding, but at the same time interesting journey, which led the entire team of EHICA, the Cafes – Members and all of the Association’s companions and friends to this wonderful result. “Historic Cafes Route” now spans around the globe, creating an alternative chain of places where the importance of the Cafes and coffee is widely promoted. Therefore we would like to thank all the authorities, the Institute of the Council of Europe, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Hellenic Ministry of Education, the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Tourism Organization, the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Chania and all of those who helped us make this journey possible!

“Coffee is the drink of the civilized world,” said Thomas Jefferson. We would like to add that both coffee and Cafes are the living heritage of the world that produce culture over time. The enormous History of the Cafes, their architecture, the great personalities who chose to be Historic Cafes regulars, give us an inexhaustible source of research, knowledge and inspiration.

Today is a special day! Today we inaugurate our new logo that depicts exactly the aspect that Historic Cafes signify: International multiculturalism.

The logo, created by the artist Lydia Mavromati, is minimal while at the same time embeds a fundamental belief: A coffee bean can be the whole world!

It’s worth noting that EHICA’s logo, comprise of a cup of coffee and the clock of the city of Chania, where the idea of EHICA began, was created by the graphic designer Lefteris Matsamakis.

Henceforth “Historic Cafes Route” to be certified by the Council of Europe changes logo, website, social media and contact details.





instagram: @historiccafesroute