Embassy of Greece in Bratislava: Greek Radio and Tv Week – March 22 – 28 2021


Greek Week – March 22 – 28, 2021 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the independence of Greece


Radio Devín

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Reading series, daily from March 22 to March 26 at 10.30 pm

Parnassus: Homer – The Illiad (excerpts in 5 parts):

Narrator: Dušan Jamrich

Respondents: prof. Daniel Škoviera and doc. Pavel Valachovič

  1. 3. Interview 1: Introduction – Why Homer?
  2. 3. Reading 1: song 1 part 1
  3. 3. Reading 2: song 1 part 2
  4. 3. Reading 3: song 2 part 1
  5. 3. Interview 6: Who was Homer?

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ARS LITERA – March 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Plato – Dialogues

Herodotus – History

Ecce professor! – Portrait of the university professor of classical philology Júius Špaňár

Editor: Táňa Kusá

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Verses for the afternoon at 3.50 p.m.

Week of the Greek Myths

  1. 3. Kronos and Zeus
  2. 3. Pygmalion
  3. 3. Midas’ gold
  4. 3. Pandora’s box

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Radio plays:

Wednesday 24. 3. 21.30 – AESCHYLUS / Vojtech Mihálik / Vladimír Rusko: The Eumenides, 58:35

Friday 26. 3. 21.30 – ARISTOPHANES / Vojtech Mihálik / František Obžera: Lysistrata, 55:41

Sunday 28. 3. 21.00 – AESCHYLUS / Vojtech Mihálik / Vladimír Rusko: Agamemnon, 1:12:17

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Kritikon – discussion series. 24. 3. at 20.00 Discussion on the topic of Greek culture on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the independence of Greece. Guests from the fields of history, theatrology and philosophy.


Dvojka TV Channel

In March, in Wednesday’s broadcast windows of natural history documents at Dvojka, we will broadcast the following documents in connection with the 200th anniversary of Greece’s independence:

  1. 3. 2021 – Secrets of the Mediterranean – Life in extremes

the first run – 1st part of a two-part documentary:

Inhospitable rocks, blue sea and sandy beaches – this is how we get to know the Mediterranean Sea. But appearances are misleading: the Mediterranean is constantly changing. The continents are getting closer. Animals that must survive in such extreme conditions must look for ways to escape the pitfalls of these areas. Between deserts and volcanoes – it’s life in extremes.

  1. 3. 2021 – Secrets of the Mediterranean – Life on the border

the first run – 2nd part of a two-part documentary:

The contours of the Mediterranean have changed and continue to change throughout history. The African continent near Gibraltar was once connected to Europe. But when this bridge collapsed, the space between Africa and Europe filled up and sea levels rose. Today, the Mediterranean Sea connects the Red Sea with the Suez Canal. This route allows the animals to reach the Mediterranean area – but where they cause problems.

  1. 3. 2021 – Wild Greece – View for the Gods (rerun)

Greece is a country of unique contrasts. There are many animals that have already disappeared from other parts of Europe. it is a land of archaic relations and ubiquitous history – the history of our civilization.

In the first part, we will visit one of the largest canyons in Europe – Vikos.


Trojka TV Channel



Historical documentary The Greek Miracle. Cretan-Mycenaean civilization – about the culture of ancient Greece with Vojtech Zamarovský – narrated by Ľubo Roman



Greek miracle. The Golden Age of Hellada – about the culture of ancient Greece with Vojtech Zamarovský – narrated by Ľubo Roman



Greek miracle. Hellenism – about the culture of ancient Greece with Vojtech Zamarovský – narrated by Ľubo Roman



Touch with Pericles. Slavic view of the common roots of Europe. Greece in the times of Pericles by today’s Slovak eyes


A song for joy. Bands of Greek and Slovak folk songs – Folk music by E. Farkaš, Martha and Tena Elefteriadu, P. Gábor

Evening at 22.00

Sophocles: Antigone – a performance of the Slovak National Theatre



Mycenae in Slovakia. A documentary about the archaeological research of Ottoman culture from the Bronze Age

In the early evening before 6 pm, Antigone (rerun)

In the evening, before the end of the broadcast, we will rerun documentaries on Greek culture from Monday to Friday.



Globetrotter / Greece.



Travel camera / Greece.


Radio Slovensko


  1. 3. 22:00 – 24:00 Night Pyramid – discussion with prof. Ján Zozuľak


Jednotka TV Channel


  1. 3. 12:20 Ladies’ Club – guest: the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Slovakia