Greece undertook the coordination for the Mediterranean Diet in 2021


An Intergovernmental Teleconference was held on Monday, November 16, 2020 with the initiative of the Pylos-Nestor Municipality and the Maniatakeion Foundation in Greece. The teleconference was organized by Morocco, as part of the completion of its service, as a coordinating country on the joint actions of the network of countries and their Emblematic Communities that supported the inscription of the Mediterranean Diet in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

In the teleconference, Morocco presented the work it has done on the Mediterranean Diet. Then, the representatives of the Ministries of the 7 countries, as well as the representatives of the Emblematic Communities (Greece-Koroni, Spain-Soria, Italy-Cilento, Croatia–Hvar & Brac, Cyprus-Agros, Morocco–Chefchaouen and Portugal-Tavira) presented the actions they have developed, for the preservation and promotion of the Mediterranean Diet, as well as their cooperation with other stakeholders. The exchange of views and interaction between all participating representatives, added value to the cultural networking of Pylos-Nestor Municipality and offered additional benefits to the local community, as the Mediterranean Diet can be a key tool for development, expressing a special, unique way of life, but also utilizing part of the Greek historical, social and cultural wealth that shapes it.



At the end of the teleconference, Greece claimed and undertook the presidency and coordination of the actions that will take place in the year 2021 for the Mediterranean Diet. The presidency will focus on strengthening the cooperation of the network, as well as the connection of the nutritional model with education, sustainability, and the impact of climate change.

Today more than ever the Mediterranean Diet is still alive, despite the challenges that it faces. Its benefits are significant, both for public health and the environment. The promotion of its cultural and developmental dimension is a commitment for both the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor and the Maniatakeion Foundation.



For more information regarding the Mediterranean Diet you may enter the Maniatakeion Foundation’s official website:

More Information on the Creation of the Emblematic Communities

In 2008, Greece, Spain, Italy and Morocco undertook the initiative to highlight the cultural value of the Mediterranean Diet and submitted their candidacy to UNESCO, aiming for it to be included in the world treasures. In the context of improving the candidacy, Koroni (Greece), Soria (Spain), Cilento (Italy) and Chefchaouen (Morocco) were defined as Emblematic Communities (meaning exemplary communities) from each country.

Koroni, Soria, Cilento and Chefchaouen were selected, not at random, by the competent ministries, but chiefly because they are models of local communities and harmoniously combine the two following principles: a) representation of traditional farming structures, customs and of course local food products and b) all manifestations of social life are accompanied by a rich table.



On December 4, 2013, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee decided to increase the countries that supported the request and the respective Emblematic Communities, adding Croatia with the islands of Brac and Hvar, Cyprus with Agros and Portugal with Tavira.

Foto: Pylos-Nestor Municipality (photo by Elias Lefas)