International Economics Olympiad: The students that will represent Greece


Olympians in Economics: The students that will represent Greece in the International Economics Olympiad



July 10th marked the celebratory conclusion of the 1st Greek Economics Olympiad, organized by the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM) and the Czech Institute of Economics Education. The competition attracted 1,105 students from 135 high schools of all kinds and from every corner of Greece, and the first school of the Greek diaspora to participate in a national student competition. The top-5 students of the grand final will represent Greece in the international Economics Olympiad ( that will take place in September.



The students that will represent Greece are:

  • 1st place: Christos Manesiotis, Doukas School
  • 2nd place: Giannis Diakantonis, Moraitis School
  • 3rd place: Pavlos Vlatakis, 6th High School of Glyfada
  • 4th place: Kristian Selar, 8th High School of Athens
  • 5th place: Konstantenia Kalyva, High School of Xylokastro




  • 6th place: Alkiviades Ioannis Toutziaridis, Athens College
  • 7th place: Ekerem Hena, 2nd High School of Tripolis
  • 8th place: Dimitrios Marios Kalyvas, 5th High School of Katerini
  • 9th place: Dimitrios Vasilikiotis, Varvakeio Model School
  • 10th place: Viktoras Kyrtsoudis, “Manolis Andronikos” School of Thessaloniki



The panel of judges consisted of five top Greek economists and educators:

  • Professor Theodoros Pelagidis, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece – University of Piraeus
  • Professor Panagiotis Liargovas, President of KEPE – University of Pelloponese
  • Professor Georgios Panos, University of Glasgow
  • Aris Notis, economics teacher and editor of “Xenophon” magazine
  • Aggelos Antonopoulos, economics teacher and Secretary of the Secondary Education Economics Teachers’ Union

“The Bank of Greece, within the framework of its social responsibility, embraces efforts that promote learning and education and supports activities that strengthen financial literacy, thus recognizing its positive impact throughout the economy and financial stability” said the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Yannis Stournaras, during his keynote address.




In addition, Deputy Minister of Education Zetta Makri, Alternate Finance Minister Thodoros Skylakakis, the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy Ioannis Chrysoulakis, the Chairwoman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Vasiliki Lazarakou, and the Managing Director of Inventio Consulting Constantinos Bitros addressed the participants of the Greek Economics Olympiad and congratulated the students, teachers, parents and organizers during the award ceremony.

The Greek Economics Olympiad was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, the support of the Bank of Greece and the Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy, and the generous support of Tourism Enterprises Notou, Inventio Consulting, Optima Bank, Optima Factors, Pantelis Papadopoulos S.A., Cargo 360, Protocol, Streamia, Polyeco S.A., “Xenophon” magazine and Evrasia Publications.