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A shared vision has no borders / “The Smile of a Child”

Our vision is to enrich the lives of children and families in Greece and to empower other countries with our shared vision.

To achieve this, we are expanding our international exposure, and aligning ourselves with other organizations globally to keep children safe, nourished, and happy irregardless of their nationality.

Our 25-year success story demonstrates that we have overcome the challenges with crossing borders. But we also need journalists, like you, who can stimulate public interest – start community conversations and propogate our approach and model globally.

As all non-profit organizations, we sustain our services through donations and crowdfunding platforms.

Our current needs are to provide children enjoyable and safe summer holidays safely, and to prepare for the new school year in the Fall.

You can view these on our link: https://www.hamogelo.gr/gr/en/crowdfunding/

We thank you in advance for taking the time to read this note and hope that you will continue to support us by sharing our vision.


“The Smile of a Child”

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