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Larnaca Biennale 2023: October 11- November 24, 2023

Larnaca Biennale is delighted to present the names of the individual artists and artist groups whose artworks have been selected by the Larnaca Biennale Jury Committee for participation in the third edition of the biennale.

This year’s curational theme, “Home Away from Home”, conceived by curator Yev Kravt prompted artists from around the world to submit their proposals, resulting in the selection of 101 artworks that encapsulate the essence of the theme.

Unveiling the soul of the Larnaca Biennale, the grand opening on October 11th, 2023, promises a kaleidoscope of diverse artistic stories weaving tales of identity, belonging, displacement, and the quest for home in our evolving world.

While the artworks will be revealed during the official opening ceremony, we are pleased to announce the selection of the individual artists and artist groups whose artwork offers a unique perspective on the theme and adds depth to the overall narrative of the exhibition:

Aaron Bezzina, Malta

Abdul-Ganiou Dermani, Togo

Aine Nakamura, Japan

Alegia Papageorgiou, Greece

Amaro della Quercia, Portugal

Anastasia Skiada, Greece

Andrew Hon Kin, China

Andromachi Giannopoullou, Greece

Angeliki Koutsoudimitropoulou, Greece

AR2Light, Greece & Romania

Avi Sabag, Israel

Banan Al-Nasery, USA

Barbara Schober, Germany

Beth Krensky, USA

Brigitte Amarger, France

Chiaki Kamikawa, Japan

Christos Loizou, Cyprus

Dana Melaver, USA

Daria Makourina, Russia

Danielle Feldhaker, Israel

Dimitra Skandali, Greece

Eisa Baddour, Syria

Eko Saputra, Indonesia

Eleni Skoulia, Cyprus

Elina Hadjinicola, Cyprus

Eunkyoung Lee, South Korea

Evgenia Vassiloude, Cyprus

Evgenii Petroushanskii, Israel

Fani Boudouroglou, Greece

Federico Cuatlacuatl, Mexico

FFFF00#, Taiwan

Filippos Phillips, Cyprus

Gerta Xaferaj, Albania

Gregory De La Haba, USA

Guillermo Basagoiti Brown & Sana López Abellán, Spain & Netherlands

Hava Gal-On, Israel

Homebound Hoppers, Japan

Ifigeneia Ilia-Georgiadou, Greece

Inguna Gremzde, Latvia

Instytut B61, Poland

Ioulita Karamavrou, Greece

Ivan Buvinic, Croatia

John Mirabel, France

Jose Ney Mila Espinosa, Cuba

Katarzyna Mazurek, Poland

Ksenia Roshar, Russia

Ksenja Oksin, Ukraine

Laila Abd Elrazaq, Israel

Laura Mega, Italy

Leda Alexopoulou and Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, Greece & Russia

Lei Lei, China

Liana Papalexis, Greece

Lidiia Ivanytska, Ukraine

Liu Shuai, China

Marc Giloux, France

Marco Antonio Jimenez Iriarte, Venezuela

Marina Dumont-Anastassiadou, Greece

Mehryl Levisse, France

Michael Liani, Israel

MICHALOUS & PRUCIAK, Greece & Poland

Miriam McConnon, Ireland

Mohammed Umar Sharief, India

Morgane Lagache, France

Nasia Pavlidou, Greece

Natasa Balouktsi, Greece

Natia Benashvili, Georgia

Nicholas Mann, United Kingdom

Niko Kapa, Greece

Orian Michaeli & Wiaam Khater, Israel

Paolo Repetto, Italy

Penny Gkeka & Apostolos Papageorgiou, Greece

Rebekka Ana Aimée Stuhlemer, Germany

Rakefet Viner Omer, Israel

Renata Szulczynska, Poland

Revital Hakim Strichmann, Israel

Rosa Mundi, Italy

Shiakallis Savvides, South Africa & Cyprus

Simon Robin, France

Smaragda Nitsopoulou, Greece

Sofia Kiousi, Greece

Stefanos Stefanou, Cyprus

Stella Ouzounidou, Greece

Stig Persson, Denmark

Tal Dotan, Israel

Tatiana Vasilyeva, Russia

Tian Yang, China


V2, Greece

Victor López González, Spain

Virginia Filippousi, Greece

Wenjun Fu, China

Wesley John Fourie, New Zealand

Xenia Zorpidou, Cyprus

Yaroslava Krutova, Ukraine

Yeonsu Lim, South Korea

Yihong Cai, China

Youssef Taki, Marocco

Yuxiu Xiong, China

Zafiria Tiftiktsoglou, Greece

Zohar Barak, Israel

ΦΧΨ Heritage Design, Cyprus


In the coming months, the Larnaca Biennale will release further information regarding the exhibition venues and parallel events.

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About Larnaca Biennale:

Larnaca Biennale is a dynamic city-wide project that celebrates artistic experimentation in contemporary art. Featuring an international open call, exhibitions, theatre, performances, concerts, activities, lectures and workshops, this event draws in over 25,000 visitors. Main sponsors and supporters are the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture, Larnaca Municipality, Societa’ Dante Alighieri Cipro, RZLT Agency, OPAP Cyprus and several art organizations and institutions including “The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts, E.KA.TE”, Cyprus Handicraft Services and ‘’ WAVA, World Association of Visual Arts’’. Official Air Carrier: Cyprus Airways. Media Sponsors: ALPHA CYPRUS and CyBC.

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