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Ακούσαμε το άλμπουμ των BLACK REUSS με τίτλο “Journey”


An unexpectedly good album came to our hands from the band BLACK REUSS from Liechtenstein! “Journey” is their second offering after the debut album “Metamorphosis” and what we learned from the band’s bio is that both albums are part of a wider project about life and death. Life resembles to the river flow where everything is possible, there are turns, ups and downs, easy and difficult parts in this travel, but you always have to keep in mind that this is a one way travel leading to your destiny.

So, “Journey” is basically an anthropocentric album, with a certain philosophy in discovering man from an inner perspective. That’s an appealing concept. Dark as it may sound at first, it is totally realistic and everyone will find himself/herself in it.

In terms of music production, BLACK REUSS is basically a one man band. Maurizio Dottore is the fire of the BLACK REUSS engine. He structures his music in his own studio and does the basic production. In the album you find the drummer of the Swiss Prog/Thrash Metal pioneers CORONER, but Maurizio handles almost everything else!

The basis for BLACK REUSS music is dark rock, dark wave, gothic rock, gothic metal, heavy metal and doom. Everything is mixed in the proper amounts only to create an ultimately personal sound. Unlike bands who just mix different music elements and end up to sound like a collage of other bands, BLACK REUSS have managed to shape an own sound.

The album’s 11 songs have a great inner, structural connection one with another and create a really very nice flow that won’t tire the listener, and this makes the listening experience very beautiful.

“Journey” has given the singles/videos “Hole” and “Dependence”. The videos are really nice with awesome aesthetics and we suggest you watch them both. However, the album has to be listened to as a whole in order to work best.

In Maurizio’s own words, “The only thing that is consistent, is that life constantly changes”. Get familiar with BLACK REUSS and discover a life-changing music experience. “Journey” has remained in our music player for quite some time and we just keep on re-visting this great album! So will you!



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