NEA Κύπρος

Statement of Cyprus MFA regarding the public statements of the Turkish MFA on the “AGAPENOR” exercise


Written Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the public statements of the Spokesperson of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the “AGAPENOR” exercise

We are disappointed to observe once again the escalation of Turkish rhetoric aiming at, among other things, distorting reality and creating tensions in our region, following the “AGAPENOR” exercise.

The Republic of Cyprus will continue to exercise its sovereign rights and implement its international obligations, strengthening cooperation with states in the region in a wide range of areas, including the fields of security and defense.

The purpose of such exercises, which are based on fictitious scenarios, is exclusively the strengthening of the defense capabilities of the National Guard, enhancing bilateral and regional cooperation and the creation of conditions of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

These activities with other partners are governed by the principle of inclusiveness, without excluding or targeting any neighboring country.


Unfortunately, it is once again confirmed that the only country that consistently destabilizes the region is Turkey, trying to undermine any efforts of our side to resolve the Cyprus issue with its revisionist approach. Such actions are also directed against the Turkish Cypriots themselves, whom Turkey is trying to instrumentalize and hold hostage in its efforts to impose its policy against Cyprus.


The sincerity of each side’s intentions cannot be judged by public statements, nor is it tested by unfounded rhetorical outbursts. Everyone’s sincerity is judged by the proposals and initiatives they undertake to resolve problems and overcome impasses on the basis of international law and not by actions that circumvent, undermine and violate its provisions.

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