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Οι PRIMAL ROOTS μιλούν στο Hephaestus

We are pleased to welcome you to Hephaestus Wien. Your name is connected with roots. How important are roots for you?

Since we all have different roots and cultures we decided that PRIMAL ROOTS can be the best fit for us to preseve who we are.

So, tell us about your history, how did Primal Roots come up, who are the members of the band?

The guitar player and the bassist met at work, then the singer joined them via an online add. We all came from different countries but somehow all ended up in Athens.

Amira Debaieb (bass) TUN, Alejandro Ortiz (guitar) SP, Rach Cassar (singer) UK

How would you characterize your music and what do your lyrics talk about?

We did not decide on a specific genre. We usually play what we feel, but we try to always keep it in the heavy side of music. Our lyrics talk about love, depression and even politics.

Are you satisfied by the audience’s acceptance of “Stand Up”?

As a first album, we were pretty happy with it. We are working on getting even better. Stay tuned.

What are the main challenges you have as a band?

Communication and coordination can be a challenge sometimes but we do our best to keep it up and work hard.

What are your basic music influences?

We would say anything from Metallica and system of a down.

What made you decide to make a metal cover of “Gangsta’s Paradise”. This is an iconic song.

It was a simple suggestion from our Bass player Amira, then everyone was on board and we decided to have fun with it.

Do you have any upcoming concerts on your agenda?

Our next live is September 21 at Temple Athens.

Where do you usually record your music?

Usually at Made in Hell Studio.

What can we expect from Primal Roots in the future? Do you have your next release planned?

We re working on two single releases before the end of the year along with two  video clips. We are pretty excited about it.



Primal Roots – How little you know me (Πόσο λίγο με ξέρεις) Metal Cover Official Video.


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