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Οι Ιταλοί EUTHYMIA μιλούν στο Hephaestus

Hello Euthymia! Welcome to our site! How did all started?

Hey guys! First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be interviewed. We are an Italian/German Progressive Doom band born in August 2022. The band is composed by Vito Tambasco (singer), Edoardo Di Vietri (guitar), Matteo De Marco (guitar, backing vocals and synthesizers), Michael Veneri (guitar), Lhello Marra (bass) and Denis Citera (drums). It all started on the Rock Castle stage in the Czech Republic where we played under the name of Men in The box, our old project.



Which bands influenced your music? Which music genres do you play?

Our style changes with us, so there are various sides of the coin that need to be analyzed:

Currently we tend to write songs with progressive / Doom metrics. If I had to mention the main groups, I would say Tool first, Black Sabbath and Porcupine Tree.



Your latest release is the cover “Angel” for the well-known song of Massive Attack! Why did

you decide to make this cover?

The song was born from a rather negative period for the band: music has always been a cross and a delight for all of us, an obsession that sometimes traps you in a  spiral and we needed to exorcise this unconditional love towards it. Hence came the idea of ​​bringing Massive Attack‘ s Angel in a new guise but maintaining the same concept of obsession discussed in the original song.



This cover has a video too! Is there any special meaning for this video?

We wanted to make the viewer experience a claustrophobic sensation in large places, as if we lived in a world that was too big where we were nothing but background noise.

Anna, our actress was good at conveying this sensation but with a lot of dynamism thanks to her hypnotic dance.



Is Massive Attack one of your favorite bands?

Massive Attack is one reason why it’s worth paying for an app to loop specific artists. Thanks guys for allowing us to take inspiration from a song we’ve always loved.



So, what’s next for Euthymia? Are there any plans for a new album?

We are currently working on our next CD in an incessant and constant way, finally. The plan is to release at least one single before our next spring tour.



Do you have live shows on your mind?

The first dates of our new 2024 tour will be announced soon. Small advance, back home… my dear Luxembourg.



Do you prefer to play live or to create music?

In our lives we have always been active on stage, so our favorite activity remains Live Music, but we don’t disdain spending entire days in the studio, as two of us are music producers, as well as musicians.



Thank you Euthymia! Where can we find you?

Thanks again to all of you, guys! Find us on:






Official Site:


Euthymia – Angel

Euthymia – Eunoya (Live)


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