“Women of Passion, Women of Greece”

Women of Passion, Women of Greece

Medea, Maria Callas, Melina Mercouri

The widely travelled theatrical show in English is back

to the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf

for 10 performances only

 The successful theatrical show in English about the mythical female figures of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri, after a series of performances at the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf since 2016 and a long tour in Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Brussels, New Delhi, Bangalore, is back to the Theater Wagon as of 27 May 2023 for 10 performances only on Saturdays at 7.15 pm.

 Three mythical female figures, Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri, travel among a crowd of passengers by a train of the 50’s.

 Medea, the tragic figure of ancient greek drama, blinded by her deep love for her husband, murdered her own children.

Maria Callas, the internationally celebrated opera diva, devoted her life to music and let her fate be sealed by a “fatal” romance.

Μelina Mercouri, one of the most beloved greek actresses, singer and politician, whostarred in the most well-known international films, fought for culture and democracy.

The departure station of this journey is ancient Greece while contemporary Greece is its destination. The tragic ancient drama heroine Medea meets the two great priestesses of modern Greece, Maria and Melina. A common feature unites their different paths, and that is passion. Passion for life, passion for love, passion for creation, passion for freedom. History, culture, art, the power of the human soul, the struggles for democracy come alive by an actress and a musician, who accompany us to this fascinating journey of creative memory, humor and emotion where Greece is at the same time the starting point and final destination, with the feelings of people all over the world as stopovers.

During its long run, the show was presented to Greek and English-speaking viewers of all ages from all over the world, deeply touching the hearts of everyone and receiving enthusiastic reviews for the powerful and emotional play by Eugenia Arseni, the sensitive and inventive directional approach of Tatiana Ligari and the great acting of Evelina Arapidi in the iconic roles of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Merkouri.


writing / dramaturgy Eugenia Arsenis direction / stage design Tatiana Ligari costume design Dora Lelouda music composition Fotis Mylonas video design Spyros Rasidakis lighting design Sakis Birbilis headdresses Danae Koureta

Evelina Arapidi actress

Fotis Mylonas musician (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bansuri, percussion instruments)

Voice off Panos Papageorgopoulos

Duration 60΄

The performance can be also viewed by teenagers and children aged 10 years old and over who wish to practice their comprehension of the English language through Art.



Theater Wagon

every Saturday at 19:15 hrs (as of 27 May 2023) for 10 performances only

ticket price 15,00€ (online ticket purchase required in advance at  https://www.viva.gr)

the show may be followed by dinner in the Wagon Restaurant or at the open-air Bar & Restaurant “Apovathra” (dishes from  6€ / glass of wine 5€ / spirits 7,5€)

For groups (upon request)

information – reservations +30 210 9237076 / theater@totrenostorouf.gr


Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf

“Rouf” Suburban & Railway Station, Konstantinoupoleos Ave. P.C. 118 54

10’ on foot from Metro Station “Kerameikos”

+30 210 5298922 & +30 6937604988










Catisart (04/07/2016)

… Great team, great result… May this show become a cultural destination for foreign visitors to the capital of Athens or travel as a Greek gift to other countries…

Newcomers in Athens (10/12/2016)

… All we can say is you DON’T want to miss this performance. The location is unique, the play beautiful, the actress and musician are astounding, and … what else do you need?

Βοοkpress (11/03/2017)

… Dressed in deep red, the protagonist moves from the iconoclastic presence of Callas in lyrical song to the sketch of the passionate Mercouri and then to a Pasolini-textured Medea. Three “timeless” women who travel abroad constituting ambassadors of “Greekness”…

Darwin Entertainment Centre (28/04/2017)

Last night….Women of Passion Women of Greece , never compromise! Start of our theatre season with a gorgeous cast and crew straight from Athens. Spectacular imagery, beautiful live music and a powerful solo female actress, great show!

THE HINDU (9/3/2018)

… the productions were deeply rooted in great cultural history of their country. Watching these productions was a breathtakingly aesthetic experience…

… She narrates the life story of three great women of Greece, who occupy significant place in the history of Greek culture and politics in an unpretentious style which touches the hearts of the audience.

Newsville (2/10/2017)

 Medea, Callas and Mercouri were applauded with “passion” in Brussels!

… Such an example we were lucky enough to witness those of us who were lucky enough to find ourselves – on the well-known theater stage of Krainem – opposite Evelina Arapidis who, with exceptional brio, embodied on stage three female figures, three Greek faces, three women with passion. The excellent performance of the talented actress unfolded in about sixty minutes the emotional world, the explosive brio, the special loneliness but above all the feminine passion of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri…

…The direction of Tatiana Lygaris succeeded in bringing us within breathing distance of the three heroines… Costumes, video, photography, stage presence, lights, all up to the occasion, while the music by Fotis Mylonas strengthened the tension in the theatrical atmosphere.

Trito Koudouni (13/9/2016)

… the text in the play of Eugenia Arseni presents the double face of Greece: from the bloody age of ancient tragedy to the evolution of civilization in all aspects. A text that strongly carries the element of symbolism and hidden meanings…

… Evelina Arapidi performs the roles all three women in an extraordinary way… She is an admirable theatrical presence that is worth attending…

… The play was directed by Tatiana Lygari. The stage approach gives you the impression that the heroines live and act right next to you. The use of the monologue directorially was a big gamble that was achieved. Its combination with the three theatrical figures produced a beautiful result.

ERT international (10/04/2017)

The Tatiana Ligari-directed theatrical performance of the play “Women of Passion, Women of Greece”, featured previously at the Railway Carriage Theater “The Train at Rouf” wraps up this year’s winter season with an Australian tour on the heels of a successful cycle of performances.

Jenny Arseni’s English-speaking play, watched by the President of the Hellenic Republic, foreign ambassadors and dignitaries, audiences of various nationalities, as well as by collectives and women’s associations operating in Greece, Greek expats, Greek and international students, will be performed in Adelaide, in Sydney’s Greek Festival and in Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, home to the Aboriginals…