Call for volunteers at the 9th Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders | Kastellorizo ​​International Documentary Festival is preparing for its 9th edition and sets sail from August 25 to September 1, 2024 for the most multicultural and cool cine-event of the upcoming summer!

We are looking for people with enthusiasm, consistency and disposition for the preparation and implementation of the 9th edition of the Festival, who will contribute to the successful conduct of the event. The volunteers are the Festival’s connecting link with Kastellorizo, the guests and the residents, which is why their contribution is particularly important for its success. This implies their substantial participation in the whole range of activities and tasks, their commitment, but also the acquisition of important experience and useful skills.

In addition to participating in a large, successful program and watching dozens of films from different countries, as well as artistic creations and parallel cultural activities, volunteers have the opportunity to develop their existing skills and knowledge, but also to acquire new, while at the same time they will also enjoy quality entertainment. Through active participation in the projects, the workshops, the actions of the Festival and the contact with creators and film industry professionals from Greece and abroad, the volunteers acquire valuable resources. The Festival undertakes to cover the transport costs from Athens to Kastellorizo ​​and vice versa, the accommodation costs on the island, as well as the alimentation expenses (breakfast-lunch-dinner) of the volunteers.

Qualifications – conditions

Volunteers must be between 18 and 50 years old. Courtesy, responsibility, consistency, communication skills, creative and team spirit, the ability to work under pressure as well as a very good knowledge of English, due to the international nature of the Festival, are considered important elements. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be considered.

Duties of volunteers

The areas of employment for the volunteers of the 9th edition are as follows:

  • Floor Manager Assistants: responsibilities of the volunteers include assisting the staff of the Festival and its external partners in the 3 different screening stages during the week of the event (morning and afternoon shifts).
  • Info kiosks and outdoor shops: undertake to inform the guests of the Festival and the residents and visitors of the island about the film programme and the parallel cultural activities of the Festival. In addition, the volunteers take over the customer service positions in the outdoor shops, where the merchandise of the Festival will be sold (Morning and afternoon shifts).
  • Guest traffic: undertake the movement of groups or individual guests to the hospitality, event and activity areas (Morning and afternoon shifts).

 Volunteers, if selected, must:

  • To attend the volunteer meetings held before and during the Festival.
  • To check their emails and mobile phones daily and respond promptly as this will be the main way of communication with the relevant departments of the Festival.
  • Be well aware of the schedule of all screenings and activities of the Festival and the venues.
  • Have a valid vaccination or disease certificate (optional)

They must also know and agree to the following:

  • They offer their services free of charge.
  • They sign a responsible declaration, accompanied by a copy of their identity card, in which it appears that the work they provide is voluntary and is not hidden in the dependent labor agreement.
  • They accept the hours and scope of their employment, defined by the Festival, and fulfill their obligations responsibly and consistently.
  • They immediately inform the permanent staff of the Festival about any problem they encounter during the provision of their voluntary employment.
  • Should they wish to terminate their employment, they must inform the permanent staff of the Festival at least three (3) days before their departure.
  • In case of violation/non-observance of the regulations on the part of the volunteer, the Festival reserves the right to interrupt/terminate the cooperation.


Submission of applications

Deadline for submission: 31/12/2023.

How to submit your application and deadline for selection

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV together with a motivation letter to

Those selected will be notified electronically by email by 31/01/2024.



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