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“The Smile of a Child” accepted the Gold and Platinum Award for the EMAAS

“The Smile of a Child” in collaboration with SingularLogic accepted the Gold and Platinum Award for the EUROPEAN MISSING ALERT AUTOMATED SYSTEM (EMAAS) at DEI BITE Awards 2023

  • Gold Award in the “New Innovative Digital Service” category
  • Platinum Award for the top scoring among 370 submitted projects

We are proud to announce that “The Smile of the Child” is the recipient of the Gold Award at DEI (PPC*) BITE Award 2023 in the “New Innovative Digital Service” category. Together with SingularLogic, a member of the Space Hellas group, we successfully developed and implemented the European Missing Alert Automated System (EMAAS). This technologically advanced system produces and publishes the disappearance of individuals.

EMAAS received the highest score among 370 submissions from the evaluation committee thus receiving the top honor of the Platinum Award for 2023.

The BITE Awards 2023 by DEI, which is acknowledged as the most important institution for rewarding technological innovation in Greece commencement was held at the Anassa City Events in Goudi on September 20, 2023. Boussias Events organized this venue with the coordination of the Ministry of Digital Governance and Hellenic Labour Inspectorate System, where 650 technology executives participated to recognize these awards.


The EMAAS is the system for the production and publication of missing individual information for Amber Alert Hellas and Missing Alert Hellas systems, which is used by the four Call Centers operated by Organization, developed in the framework of the co-funded project “The contribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the protection of children, youth and people at risk in Greece-SMILE NET”, which is part of the operational program “Public Sector Reform 2014-2020” with MIS 5129741 of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

How it Works

An operator receives the information of a missing individual and once in the system, multiple types of audio, image and video files are automatically created. Involved agencies are immediately informed of this event by many communication forms (SMS, Posters, Video, Spots, Radio spots etc.). The system then receives and logs confirmation receipts from the 154 cooperating agencies (Urban, Interurban and Maritime Transports, Airports, State Bodies, Road Network, Municipalities and Regions, Channels and Sites, Radios, Bank ATMs, Professional Associations, Ministries etc.). Additional technologically advanced features include multilingual and cross-border capabilities and an automatic deactivation of the alert process at its conclusion.

We wish to acknowledge SingularLogic’s magnanimous contribution and the technology skills of our specialists at the “The Smile of the Child”. Together they collaboratively developed a technological tool that significantly impacts the multiple processes that are required to expeditiously disseminate information about Disappearances with the necessary controls. We are proud to offer these services to all Greek citizens free of costs, while other countries around the world, for similar technological services spend annually great amounts of money.

Award Photos:

*PPC: Public Power Corporation of Greece

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