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“SYNDESMOS ELLINIDON EPISTIMONON”: Greek language distance learning courses

Greek language distance learning courses from the



The Association of Greek Women Scientists (SEE) has offered foreign language courses to more than 4,000 of its friends from 2014 until today. Greek language courses for foreigners living in Greece or abroad will start this year. The training program will be carried out remotely, through facebook and zoom platforms.

Thus, trainees from all over the world will be able to participate, as long as they have modern personal computers or laptops or tablets or mobile phones with camera, microphone and video calling capability. Τhe language of communication is English. The courses will last from 13/11/2023 until 30/6/2024 and are exclusively for beginners.

Those who are interested in attending, please send an e-mail to see1924@otenet.gr, to receive the detailed terms and conditions of participation and the application form. Applications will be accepted until Friday 3 November 2023.

Dr. Evi Batra, President of SEE

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