Nikos Theodorakis sings a song for Mikis

composed by Zoe Tiganouria and poetry by Dimitris Iatropoulos


Our Company Zoe Music emotionally and proudly presents, the poem of Dimitris Iatropoulos dedicated to the immortal Mikis Theodorakis, as it set to music by Zoe Tiganouria, and interpreted by Nikos Theodorakis, with the participation of the “Pediki Horodia Spirou Lambrou” children’s Choir.

An absolute Greek ballad which, in addition to its artistic value, is offered socially and in our historical present.


Here is how the contributors saw its creation:

Dimitris Iatropoulos:

As soon as Mikis handed over his body to the Greek land, I felt that we had to name him definitively in relation to History. To this, I was driven by our 62-year-old friendship and cooperation.

I trusted this rhyming poem to Zoe Tiganouria, a unique soloist and inspirational composer, who has already opened sails for worldwide recognition. She composed a purely Greek rhythm and the son of Mikis, Nikos, interpreted it with great sensitivity, filling us with creative joy..


Zoe Tiganouria:

I felt a great responsibility stemming from my immense respect for the Immortal Mikis and my deep appreciation for the Poet, who without a second thought honored me with his trust. And so, I embarked on a deep musical journey of creative emotion. I was helped in this by Nikos, who seems to have inherited from his grandfather the strict Doric way, not only in his behavior but also in his interpretation, as well as the amazing of Spyrou Lambrou Children Choir, our little Greeks of tomorrow, who for their generation this song was created..

The figure of Mikis and the verse of the Poet, led me to compose what you will listen to..



Nikos Theodorakis:

Mikis Theodorakis, very consciously, always had new composers – collaborators near him and created his own school: Manos Loizos, Christos Leontis, Elias Andriopoulos, Spyros Samoilis and many others, are the offspring of this school.

So my contact with Zoe Tiganouria and her exceptional talent in composition, at a time when a Hollywood movie in which she signed the music had just been released, brought before me all this reasoning of Mikis. So I could not refuse and I gladly accepted her invitation, for a multiformed and multifaced collaboration.

The beginning of this collaboration came to be established with the poetry of the blessed Dimitris Iatropoulos, writing about the one and only “ArchiellinaGreek Father of us all, the Father of Romiosini..


Listen to “Mikis – Archiellinas – Pateras” here:




Accordion/Composition/Arrangement: Zoe Tiganouria

Children’s Choir conducted by Spyros Lambrou

Guitar: Theodosis Sykiotis

Contra-Bass: Nikos Tsahtsiris

Sound Edit: Stelios

Choir rec: Subway Studio – Vaggelis Sapounas

Mixing/Mastering: Artracks Studio – George Priniotakis


The cover is a creation of Sofia Stouraitou.

We thank the painter Katerina Karagianni Iatropoulou and the writer Konstantinos Triantaphyllakis for their valuable help.