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Larnaca Biennale: The 3rd edition of Larnaca Biennale returns bigger than ever


Larnaca Biennale

The 3rd edition of Larnaca Biennale returns bigger than ever

 100 artworks by international artists, 17 parallel events across numerous locations in Larnaca and Athienou are getting ready to welcome thousands of visitors

October 11th – November 24th

As autumn draws closer, Larnaca will transform from a quiet coastal town to a buzzing hub of art, connection and reflection. The 3rd edition of Larnaca Biennale proudly presents a carefully selected range of artworks that promise to redefine our understanding of belonging, memory and identity.

Under the theme ‘Home Away from Home’, the Biennale will present a seven-week-long agenda running from October 11th to November 24th. Get ready for an immersive odyssey that will cross mental and physical boundaries to discover the multi-layered elements that make up one’s home.

The theme

In a world where homes are constantly built and lost, where distances shrink and where world citizens can come from more than just one place, the concept of ‘home’ takes on new dimensions. This year’s Larnaca Biennale seeks to unravel them, exploring the yearning to call a place home, the ideas attached to it and the limitless new meanings of home – be it in space, in virtual reality or on the moon. Under the guidance of this year’s curator, Yev Kravt, over 100 artists will present their interpretations of the 2023 theme – Home Away from Home.

Following an Open Call, 500 artists from all but one continent of the world applied to be part of Larnaca Biennale 2023. The jury committee (comprised of Lars Kærulf Møller from Denmark, Niki Papaspirou from Greece, Lia Lapithi from Cyprus and Bertan Selim from the Netherlands) selected 100 artworks from all fields of art. With under a month to go until the Biennale opens, the first few artists have started to arrive, making Larnaca their new, temporary ‘home’. To find the names of the selected artists click here.

“With only 4 weeks to go,” says Yev Kravt, “I can’t wait to share with you what we have prepared. At the moment, we are busy setting up the exhibition. As I unpack each piece, the weight of each story hits me. Six locations in Larnaca will be charged with a raw mix of emotions – some referring to heritage, others to the future, some to the journey, and others to the sadness of loss or memory. Every space carries its own character, its own narrative.”

by cottonbro studio

The previous edition

In the last Larnaca Biennale, originally scheduled for 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19 for 2021, over 25,000 visitors attended to explore the art and the sidebar activities. Under the theme Limitless Limits by curator Vassilis Vassilliades, 77 artworks were presented in the main exhibition across three locations. Now, Larnaca Biennale returns in its biggest edition yet with more art, more discussions and more collaborations.

5 themed weeks

Seven packed weeks will encompass the events of this edition. The first week will be dedicated to the opening of  three exhibitions. The main exhibition and official opening will take place on October 11th, an exhibition in Athienou will open on October 13th and the curator’s side showcase will open on October 14th. Sandwiched in between the opening and closing weeks (which will include a variety of events) are five weeks, each with a different theme.

For the first time ever, Larnaca Biennale 2023 will be divided into five themed weeks that explore the many dimensions of ‘home’. Week 1 will focus on Psychology, featuring both art pieces and parallel events which have an introspective approach towards the topic. Week 2 will shine a light on Environment and look at nature and the landscape which houses our homes. Week 3 will be dedicated to Architecture & Design which will look at the role of the architect and the designer in creating a place to live and how that shapes our lives.

Week 4 will be about the Philosophy & Spirituality of home delving into the spirit, the soul and religion. Week 5, the final week of the Biennale will look ahead to our future homes and the innovation they might feature. The artwork and events of the Space & Technology week will talk about faraway dreams, building homes on the moon, in the metaverse, and places outside the physical realms of planet Earth.

Each week will highlight specially curated events, which will be communicated closer to the date.

What to expect

The whole of Larnaca will be activated in this 3rd edition as the main exhibition spans across 6 different exhibition spaces and various outdoor locations and its parallel events take place in repurposed venues. The Larnaca Municipal Gallery, the Pierides Museum, the Larnaca Municipal Market, EVOHK Artist Run Space, The Living Room and the Larnaca Medieval Castle will house different aspects of the main exhibition. Photography pieces, contemporary installations, sculptures, patchwork and embroidered creations, videos and collages amongst other forms of artwork will make up the main exhibition.

Besides the main showcase that will feature the 100 selected artworks, a parallel exhibition curated by Yev Kravt will also take place with 28 international artists, hand-picked by the curator. Taking place at Apothikes 79 Gallery, this side exhibition is titled Home/Hope and will also include two outdoor elements spread in the city. Home/Hope will be open to the public from October 14th until November 24th with free entrance whilst the main exhibition will be open from the Biennale’s opening day – October 11th.

Similarly, an artist residency with workshops between invited Asian and local artists will result in an exhibition in Athienou. Artists who work with weaving, kintsugi, sculpture, and music will collaborate with local craftsmen to create unique works of art that explore identity, memory, and heritage. The artworks will be presented at the end of the residency with an exhibition titled To the Sea, with Her Names open to the public from October 13th to November 20th.

Parallel events

Extending the creativity beyond gallery walls and inviting collaboration, a series of parallel events will take place each week by a number of different local artists, groups and institutions. Each themed week of the Larnaca Biennale will welcome a handful of events which were selected through an Open Call. Performances, interactive events, reflective workshops, lectures, installations, open-air screenings and even a short festival with a focus on bio-design will add colour to Larnaca throughout October and November.

Happening independently from the main exhibition, some of these events are free for the public to attend, whilst others have a ticket fee and booking requirements. More details on the parallel events will be announced closer to the time and information on each one will also be shared on the website www.biennalelarnaca.com.

“We are really excited to present the third edition of Larnaca Biennale,” says the organizing team, “packed with captivating events and artworks by emerging and established artists from all over the world that we look forward to welcoming in Larnaca.  This edition is particularly special as it not only celebrates and presents to the public a rich diversity of artistic expressions but it also delves deep into the profound and universal notion of ‘home’ and belonging, a theme that resonates with everyone.”

Join us to experience the multi-layered understanding of home and be part of the discussion. We look forward to seeing you in our beloved and art-filled Larnaca.

“When you visit the Larnaca Biennale, take a moment. Look closer. Think deeper. Engage, and start a conversation,” concludes Kravt.


A big thank you to our main supporters & sponsors this year


ARTION Cultural Association of Larnaca

Main Sponsors:

Deputy Ministry of Culture, Larnaka Municipality, Società Dante Alighieri Comitato di Cipro, Sphere Partners, OPAP  Cyprus

Main Supporters:

Wonderdots Ltd, Cyprus Handicrafts Center, E.KA.TE. The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts

Official Air Carrier: 

Cyprus Airways

Media Sponsors: 

Alpha Cyprus, CYBC, MixFM

For more information, please visit our official web page www.biennalelarnaca.com

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For additional information, interview requests or hi-res images, please contact our Press Office: press@biennalelarnaca.com or tel. +357 99 403 010


Organizing team:

Vassilis Vassiliades – Artistic Director

Michail Elia – Chief Coordinator

Yev Kravt – Curator, Member of the Committee

Lars Kærulf Møller, Niki Papaspirou, Lia Lapithi and Bertan Selim – Jury Committee

Maria Papadopoulou – Head of Marketing & Communications, Event Coordinator

Stavri Papadopoulou – Visual Identity, Event Coordinator

Sara Douedari – International Media Relations

Sasha Poliakova – Assistant of the curator

Antonis Antoniou – Web Design

Philippos Vasiliades – Graphic Design

George Vasiliades (WERX Studio)- Animations


About Larnaca Biennale:

Larnaca Biennale is the only Arts Biennale in Cyprus and is organized in the city and province of Larnaca every two years by the registered non-profit Cultural Association ‘Artion’. The event has been in effect since 2018, lasts a month and a half and aims to promote and highlight the arts and culture both locally and internationally. As the largest international artistic organization in Cyprus, it attracts a significant number of visitors (over 25,000) with the participation of creators and collaborators from Cyprus and abroad.


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