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Larnaca Biennale consolidates its presence in the global art scene

Larnaca Biennale consolidates its presence in the global art scene: Participation in Malta’s debut Biennale.

Larnaca Biennale continues its work and consolidates its presence in the global art scene. This time by participating in the promising Malta Biennale, which this year begins its maiden journey into the world of international art events. The Italian curator of the Malta Biennale, Sofia Baldi Pighi, who visited Cyprus in October and had the opportunity to witness the high level of both the artists’ works and the organization of this artistic event in our country, extended an invitation to the team of Larnaca Biennale organizers to participate in an event during the Malta Biennale.

Muza Museum of Fine Arts Valletta

More specifically, on 6 April, the artistic director, Vassilis Vassiliadis, will take part in the panel of speakers in the discussion “Can You Sea?: The Mediterranean as a political body?” The debate will take place at the National Museum of Arts in Malta in the Camerone Room, the dining room of the 16th century Italian Knights in the capital Valletta.

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About Larnaca Biennale:

Larnaca Biennale is the only Arts Biennale in Cyprus and is organized in the city and province of Larnaca every two years by the registered non-profit Cultural Association ‘Artion’. The event has been in effect since 2018, lasts a month and a half and aims to promote and highlight the arts and culture both locally and internationally. As the largest international artistic organization in Cyprus, it attracts a significant number of visitors (over 60,000) with the participation of creators and collaborators from Cyprus and abroad. The fourth edition of Larnaca Biennale (LB4) will take place in 2025 (15th October – 28th November) . More info:


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