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Greek Film Festival in Berlin: “Show me the Crew! – A presentation of Crew United Greece”


The Greek Film Festival in Berlin is happy to announce its collaboration with Crew United and to invite you to the Show me the Crew! – A presentation of Crew United Greece”, aimed at professionals of the audio-visual Greek industry who wish to benefit from the first ever online transparent and verified network.


“Show me the Crew! – A presentation of Crew United Greece”

 Saturday, April 1,2023 at 4p.m.

Kino Babylon Mitte (Oval, 1st floor) Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin (Duration: 30 min, Q&Α included)

*Access limited to film professionals



Venia Vergou – Crew United Greece Pierpaolo Festa – Crew United Italy

Christian A. Rogler – actor, producer / Crew United member


Coffee & Cake follow…Let’s mingle!


After 27 active years in the German film industry and its expansion in France in 2019 and in Poland in 2021, Crew United is ready to launch in Greece as well as in Italy, Spain, Romania and Lithuania in Spring 2023. This European development of the platform is co-founded by Creative Europe – MEDIA.


With its comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent information and innovative tools, Crew United enables the networking of all industry players as it has grown to become their indispensable facilitator. In Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland it is the most-used tool in all phases of production, distribution and exchange of information about


projects. More than 44,000 professionals among filmmakers, actors and companies currently have an extensive and detailed profile on Crew United – that is far more than half of the German-speaking industry!


By expanding its services to new territories, Crew United aims to develop local networks that advocate the cultural identity and film structures of each country and, at the same time, to promote the European film identity beyond its borders.


‘’Crew United is one of the best tools for film professionals in Europe. Me as a media executive and festival organizer I was addressing to the platform when I first moved to Germany several years ago, and it has helped me enormously to create my network and expand my contacts. For our festival to join forces with Crew United Greece is an honour, a joy and it takes us to the next level in a professional aspect. We cherish this collaboration kick off and we know we will work together towards the common aim, which is to help the Greek professionals connect with their international peers ‘’ states Sofia Stavrianidou, Director of The Greek Film Festival in Berlin.


‘’Over the last eight years, The Greek Film Festival in Berlin has been the perfect bridge between German and Greek film professionals”, comments Venia Vergou, Project Manager of Crew United Greece. “The passion and true care with which the Festival showcases the work of the most prominent Greek filmmakers in Berlin every year made it clear to us that it is the perfect meeting place to present in Germany the launch of Crew United Greece. We are more than happy to establish our collaboration with the Festival on a steady basis. Aimed to strengthen the Greek market through transparency, we are going to build Crew United Greece with your contribution. Let us develop Crew United Greece together!’’.


Show me the Crew! – A presentation of Crew United Greece” will showcase the most important and crucial functions of the platform and its unique selling points, as well as how to apply them within the Greek film industry. During the presentation, Greek professionals will be able to understand how to use these tools, how to connect with qualified and passionate filmmakers on an international level and how to make good use of verified information. German filmmakers, on the other hand, will learn how it will be possible to find a verified Greek co-production partner, information about local funding sources or skilled Greek crews, actresses and actors etc.


A Q&A session will be part of the presentation and coffee and cake will follow for mingling.

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