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Alexandri Sisters: Get well Anna Maria

Anna- Maria and Eirini:

“As already announced by our federation, we withdrew from  Technical Duet Prelims due to Anna Maria’s shoulder pains/injury. We don’t want to take any risks in the Olympic season, so we decided that this is the best option for us. We would like to thank everyone for your words of encouragement and kind interest. We totally appreciate it!

It hurts that we can’t compete and show our work, considering that it was a last-minute decision, but we will come back even stronger. Since we are already qualified for the Olympics, these World Championships would have been our 1st stop on the way to the Olympic Games.

Now, we look ahead on tomorrow’s competition where our sister will swim in the Technical Solo competition and we will be there to support her and cheer her on.

So, tomorrow and for the next 5 days, cross your fingers for her.

We wish everyone participating the best of luck and to enjoy the competition!”

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