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Ertflix International provides access to a vast library of content for Greeks worldwide, including extensive tributes to classic Greek cinema, contemporary Greek films and documentaries, as well as «Musikology», the brand new series by ERT!


Anna is an intelligent and talented 11-year-old intent on pleasing her demanding mother. Soon after joining a cooking competition on television, the child begins to act strangely, puzzling her parents and causing concern for her own safety.

Directed by Olga Malea
Written by Olga Malea, Apostolos Alexopoulos
Cast: Natalia Dragoumi, Youlika Skafida, Iosof Polyziodis, Trifon Karatzas, Triadafylli Bouterakou, Christina Mitropoulou, Maria Riskaki

Anna is a young woman in her thirties. She lives alone, has a job, girlfriends and some occasional lovers. However, she finds herself trapped by mistakes of her past.

In her quest to escape the devastating consequences of her choices, she appeals for salvation to the only man she has ever loved. This message of life and love will have to cover long distances (both figuratively and literally) to reach the recipient…

Cast: Maria Zorba, Yorgos Karamihos, Alekos Sissovitis, Giannis Tsortekis, Vassiliki Deliou, Marili Mastrantoi, Taxiarhis Hanos, Manolis Yourgos, Kostas Falelakis
Directed by Stratos Tzitzis

Dido, a young soprano and second daughter of an intellectual family, loses her voice to a rare illness and isolates herself in the empty family home. No one knows if she really can’t talk or if she refuses to. People close to her are embarrassed but also alarmed by her behavior. They are unable to distinguish what is normal and what is not when they see her. They are themselves distorted by the hysteria of an era that treats the heroine’s silence as a disease. And while Dido tries to heal herself, the people around her make her even sicker.

The film won the Best Film Award of the International Association of Critics (FIPRESCI) in the International Competition of the 56th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2015.

Written and directed by Yorgos Gkikapeppas
Cast: Kika Georgiou, Aneza Papadopoulou, Electra Nikolouzou, Omiros Poulakis, Manos Vakousis, Ioanna Mavrea, Giorgos Ziovas, Kostas Berikopoulos

Two teenagers with a revolver wander aimlessly around the city. A ticket controller must pay off his debt. The personnel manager of a security company tries to save his relationship.
When the stories of the four heroes intersect during a blackout, their lives will change forever.

Directed by Giorgos Georgopoulos
Cast: Vangelis Mourikis, Prometheus Aleifer, Omiros Poulakis, Tasos Nousias, Kora Karvouni


A furious and over-busy lawyer spends the night in her office, dealing with her clients’ problems and affairs, so she finds no time to see her husband. To shake her and bring her to her senses, her husband decides to start dating a chubby client of his wife, who wants to divorce her husband because he neglects her. Then she tries to do the same so that her husband becomes jealous and returns to her. So it works…

Cast: Kakia Analitis, Kostas Rigopoulos, Chronis Exarchakos, Efi Economou, Melpo Zarokosta, Tasos Giannopoulos, Odysseas Kosteletos

Thymios Tamboulas leaves his village, Makrakomi, and his fiancée, Birbilo, and goes to Thessaloniki to meet his uncle who comes from Australia in order to open a restaurant for him. In the city, Thymios falls victim to many misunderstandings, because he looks extremely similar to a well-known actor, Kostas Hatzis. Hatzis is glorified every night in the theater and that is why he has become haughty and arrogant. To ground him, his agent Vangelis uses Thymios in the theater, who succeeds fine. Hatzis learns a strong lesson and Thymios gets richer.

Directed by Giorgos Tsaoulis
Written by Kostas Nikolaidis,  Ilias Lymperopoulos
Cast: Kostas Hadjichristos, Nikos Rizos, Aleka Stratigou, Kostas Doukas, Stavros Paravas, Zoi Kouroukli, Sasa Kazeli, Nikos Fermas, Kostas Bozonis, Kostas Fyssoun, Valentini Rouli, Giorgos Gregoriou, Alkis Proveleggios, Aliki Greka, Stella Spyropoulou, Angelos Aivaliotis, Christos Adamopoulos, Dimitris Nikolelis

The retired general Lampros Dekavallas, who leads a poor but honest life with his wife Irini and daughter Popi, receives a visit from his future son-in-law, who announces that he intends to emigrate to Australia to make money and marry Popi. On the same day, Dekavallas receives a visit from his cousin Apostolos, who informs him that the country, to honor him, has decided to erect a statue of him in the small square in front of his house.

Written and directed by Alekos Sakellarios
Cast:Vasilis Logothetidis, Ilya Livykou, Nitsa Tsaganea, Byron Pallis, Vangelis Protopappas, Lavrentis Dianellos, Nikos Fermas

Charilaos is a shopkeeper who owes money everywhere and is in danger of going to jail. His fiancée, Iro, devises a plan in order to save him.

Directed by Kostas Andritsos
Cast: Nikos Stavridis, Gelly Mavropoulou, Martha Karagianni, Thanasis Vengos, Stavros Paravas, Dimitris Nikolaidis

Thymios leaves his village and comes to Athens, trying to start a better and more comfortable life with the little money he has. He lives in a rented room, where he falls in love with Lina, the daughter of the landlady. However, he is approached by some cunning guys who, with a girl as bait, they try to trick him into taking his money, but without success.

Directed by Kostas Strantzalis
Written by Nikos Tsiforos
Cast: Kostas Hadjichristos, Vasilis Avlonitis, Sophie Zanninou, Zannino, Nikos Fermas, Kia Bozou, Popi Deligianni, Periklis Christoforidis, Giorgos Papazisis, Kostas Mentis, Dimitris Vlachos, Giorgos Maramenos, Vasilis Liogaris, Theo Hatzis, Andreas Nomikos

Two lawyers are fighting for the beautiful secretary they hired in their office. One is always well-meaning and tardy, the second is always alert and hasty. Their efforts will prove futile, however, since the girl is married.

Directed by Giorgos Papakostas
Written by Dimitris Vasileiadis, Kostas Nikolaidis
Cast: Mimis Fotopoulos, Nikos Stavridis, Marion Siva, Giorgos Tsitsopoulos, Tasos Giannopoulos, Giannis Ioannidis

The family of the shipowner Zemberis leaves for a short cruise. The servants stay at home and get a chance to experience the “high life”.
A wealthy patron of the club where they hang out to have fun is fascinated by the maid Ellie. Convinced that she is the daughter of the shipowner, he poses as a famous singer to win her over. Meanwhile, the real singer is on the cruise ship and falls in love with the shipowner’s real daughter. After the family’s return home, incidents and constant misunderstandings occur

Directed by Alekos Sakellarios
Written by Alekos Sakellarios, Christos Giannakopoulos
Cast: Vasilis Avlonitis, Rena Vlahopoulou, Floreta Zanna, Andreas Ntouzos, Niki Linardou, Giorgos Gavriilidis, Marika Krevvvata, Giannis Vogiatzis, Nikos Rizos, Stavros Paravas, Socrates Korres, Dimitris Vorres, Giorgos Xydis

An extremely superstitious contractor, Kosmas, accidentally meets an old friend, whom he considers to be a charmer and goes so far as to support him financially. But his friend is in fact a con man who has abandoned his wife and child, and preys on the weaknesses of those around him. At some point, however, his deceptions are revealed.

Directed by Orestis Laskos
Written by Giorgos Lazaridis
Cast: Nikos Stavridis, Giannis Gionakis, Beata Asimakopoulou, Popi Lazou, Aris Malliagros, Katie Lampropoulou, Kakia Kontopoulou


Omonia, 2021. Center of human exploitation. Addicts, prostitutes, immigrants. Yet this was once a hospital for the body and soul The Athens Polyclinic, founded by the Alivizatos brothers.
The hospital of the destitute. Saint Porphyrios served there as a priest, dedicating his life to the suffering fellow man. It was in this hospital that I spent my childhood.

Written and directed by Fenia Papadodima
Presentation: Fenia Papadodima and Daniel Lanis

(With sign language description)

For the first time in the world, ERT sheds light on one of the greatest enigmas of antiquity, with a high-quality in-house production, which participated in the Official Programme of the 22nd Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival.  ERT journalist Adriana Paraskevopoulou, a member of the excavation team during the period 2018-2019, recorded the excavation carried out on the island by the British School of Archaeology and the University of Cambridge, under the direction of Lord Colin Renfrew and Dr. Michael Boyd in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and its director, Dimitris Athanasoulis. Lord Colin Renfrew, one of the greatest prehistoric archaeologists of all time, has dedicated his multifaceted work to solving the enigma that has puzzled the global scientific community for decades: hundreds of fragments of broken Cycladic figurines have been found on this small and uninhabited island of the Cyclades, which cannot be joined together. This mystery, which remains unsolved, has been the focus of Professor Renfrew’s work for many decades, who reveals on ERT’s camera that Keros is the first maritime sanctuary on the planet. The documentary presents all the great finds and the complex architectural design on the islet of Daskalio, which testifies to a sophisticated settlement of the Early Bronze Age, which could only be compared to the one in Knossos, Crete during the same period. In the 1950s, Keros was the focus of public attention concerning one of the largest cases of looting in the world.  Most of the stolen marble figurines of the Cycladic Civilization ended up in personal collections. Decades later, a rich collection entitled “The Treasure of Keros” was sold, and after many auctions, most of the ancient artifacts of the collection were transferred to the Museum of Cycladic Art.

Written and directed by Kostas Machairas
Presentation: Andriana Paraskevopoulou

The documentary mini-series ‘’An Encounter Across Time & Space’’ was created on the occasion of the China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism 2021. The 5 episode mini-series aims to promote cross-cultural exchange and sustainable tourism between China and Greece. It perfectly captures the exchange of knowledge and culture between the two ancient civilizations, in addition to introducing China’s Jiangsu province to the international community.


MUSIKOLOGY: ERT’s New Music Show
Is Paul McCartney a clone? What does octave mean? What is the biggest concert ever? Who “stole” music from others? Can a human voice break glass? Musicology provides answers to these and many other questions!
Ilias Papacharalambous and the show’s team, present an original thematic approach characterized by a love for music, regardless of genre and era.
From music lessons, and interviews to music experiments, they want to prove that there are only two kinds of music. The good and the bad.

Directed by Alexis Skoulidis
Written by Ilias Papaharalambous
Presentation: Ilias Papaharalambous


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