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«From the book to the screen» ERTFLIX International Tribute to World Book Day

On the occasion of World Book Day (April 23rd), Ertflix International presents a special tribute with films, TV series, and shows that are all based on great classic books by Alexandros Papadiamantis, I.M. Panagiotopoulos, Luili Zografou et.al.


«The Woman Who Missed Home»dir. Eleni Alexandraki (adapted from the novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis) 

One moonlit night, Anna, a woman married to a much older man, runs away from her home to return to the island where she comes from. A young shepherd, Mathios, helps her escape with a small boat. During their overnight journey, Mathios, who has fallen in love with her, hopes that they will stay together forever. The anguish of her tender husband, her own feelings and memories of the past, confused with Anna’s present, transform this little trip into a life journey.

«The Fruit Trees of Athens», dir. Nikos Panagiotopoulos (based on the book by Sotiris Dimitriou)

What does Budapest have to do with Syngrou Avenue and sweet figs with Kolonaki and Neapoli? Faliro is the blessed place of the city, with pomegranates, jujube and tangerines. On the coastal road you can find prickly pears and all over Athens scattered mulberry trees.  The best way to get to know the city is to walk through it, like our hero (Nikos Kouris). At every step he discovers the sounds, aromas and flavors of Athens, tastes all its fruits and meets the most unlikely characters in his wanderings. His guide on these routes is the author of the story (Lefteris Vogiatzes) who accompanies his hero at every step…

«The Meaning of August», dir. Manos Papadakis (based on the short novel «Something Will Happen, You’ll See» by Christos Oikonomou)

Andreas has to take care of the boss’s house and dog. The dog is mad. The house is luxurious. His co-workers are jealous. The neighbor is stalking close by. The dog is called Leben and has its own plans.

«Chlorion», dir. Thanasis Psychogios (based on the short novel ‘’The Man and the Girl’’ by E. Margariti) 

The 9-year-old girl spends the day swimming in the pool. Her eyes sting from the chlorine in the water. The man’s eyes are red too although he spends the day in the bedroom.


«Starlight», dir. Diagoras Chronopoulos (based on the book by I.E. Panagiotopoulos)

In 1918 Athens, student Angelos Giannousis who comes from provincial Greece celebrates the armistice at the home of his wealthy fellow student, Nikos Stergis. The truce fills everyone’s hearts with hope for a better life, but Angelos’ soul is eaten up with envy of Nikos’ wealth and jealousy, because it seems that Daphne, the girl he is in love with, prefers Nikos. Proud and implacable in his poverty, he has no illusion of any future happiness and events come to prove him right.

«Love was a Day Late», Dir. Costas Koutsomytis (based on the book by L. Zografou)

The tragedy of a traditional family in Neochori, Crete, from the period of the Occupation until the mid-1960s. While the overbearing father is slowly dying, his smallest daughter falls in love and gets pregnant by an Italian anti-fascist. Dramatic series based on the book of the same title by Lili Zografou. Filmed in Pallini, Arcadia, Boeotia, Evia and Phocis, this series won 11 awards at the “Faces 1997” TV awards.

«The Fire Bracelet», dir. Yorgos Gkikapeppas (based on the book by Beatriki-Saias Magrizou)

The bracelet that the 45-year-old jeweler Iosif Cohen unexpectedly finds in the hands of an old Roma woman in 1962, becomes the reason for him to delve into his family’s past and personal history at the beginning of the 20th century in Thessaloniki, where people of different religions, customs and traditions coexist. Here live Benouta and Moys Cohen, a traditional Sephardic family, a prominent Jewish couple with their children. Their stormy, full of adventure and upheavals story begins in 1917 when the great fire in Thessaloniki threatens everything.


«Sinful Love», dir. Nikos Koutelidakis (based on the short novel by K. Theotokis)

Set in Corfu in 1906, ERT1’s mini-drama series entitled “Sinful Love”, directed by Nikos Koutelidakis and written by Eleni Zioga, starring Karyofyllia Karabeti and Nikos Psarras, “brings to life” in a masterful way the short-story of the same name by Konstantinos Theotokis on television. The six-episode series recounts a story of criminal passion in an oppressive patriarchal society, testing the limits and self-control of the characters. Each of the characters confronts the most dangerous secrets, which they do not dare confess even to themselves.

The tribute includes ERT’s tv show ‘’Book Club’’, presented by Giorgos Archimandritis, “Tuning into My Era’’ presented by Antaios Chrysohoidis and Mikela Hartouliari and the documentary series “Eras and Authors’’, directed by T. Psarras.

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