Greek Independence Day on ERT World

In honor of the Greek national anniversary of May 25th, ERT World will show movies and documentaries dedicated to this day. Also, on the eve of the anniversary, ERT World will broadcast the Synodical Divine Liturgy directly from the Phanar, and on Monday 25th there will be a live connection with Syntagma square and the Grand Military Parade.

More specifically:

Sunday March 24th, 2024

The Synodical Divine Liturgy on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, 08:00 (Athens time)

Direct broadcast from the Phanar

Salt of the Earth | 13:00 (Athens time) – “We ate bread and sang!” – The songs of the Greek Revolution of 1821 (Part I)

Honoring the anniversary of March 25, 1821, “Salt of the Earth” and Lambros Liavas present a special series of broadcasts on the role and significance of song and dance in the National Awakening. Directed by Manolis Filaitis

On The Time of Hellenes | 23:10 (Athens time)

In early 1900s Greece, a team of bandits abducts a young bourgeois man (Kostas Arzoglou) and take shelter in the mountains, waiting for his well-off family to pay the ransom. The captive gradually forms an unexpected bond with the leader of the bandits (Alexis Damianos), realizing that the life of these outlaws is much more authentic than his own.  The film includes references to Vizyinos, Papadiamantis, and the Greek folk culture: the old leaflets, the mythical faces, the Roman traditions and rituals, the deep religiosity…all this against the backdrop of the harsh Greek mountain landscape.

The film won five awards (Best Director, Screenplay, Set Decoration, Editing, and Hellenic Association of Film Critics Best Feature Film) at the 22nd Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1981.

Monday March 25th, 2024 

Official Doxology for the National Anniversary of March 25th | 10:00 (Athens time)

Direct broadcast from the Cathedral of Athens

March 25th Military Parade | 11:00 (Athens time)  

Live connection with the Grand Military Parade of Athens from Syntagma Square

Salt of the Earth | 13:00 (Athens time) – “The story that became a song!” The Songs of the Struggle of 1821 (Part II)

The second part of the show’s tribute to the songs of the National Revolution of 1821. Directed by Manolis Filaitis

Research – Script – Presentation: Lambros Liavas

Directed by Manolis Filaitis

Mrs. Frosyni and Ali Pasha, Greek movie | 16:00 (Athens time)

Ioannina, early 19th century. The eldest son of Ali Pasha, Mouhtar, and the beautiful Frosyni, a widow from a prominent family and niece of the lord of Larissa, have a secret love affair.

Starring: Irene Papas, Andreas Barkoulis, Theano Ioannidou, Dimitris Kallivokas, Tzavalas Karousos Music Supervision: Takis Morakis

Written and directed by Grigoris Grigoriou

The Time Machine: “Georgios Karaiskakis, the Commander-in-Chief of ’21” | 19:10 (Athens time)

‘The Time Machine’ records the coming of age of Karaiskakis in the courtyard of Ali Pasha and his actions, alongside the legendary bandit Katsantonis. Through reenactments, the legendary battles of the chief of arms come to life.

Hosted by Christos Vasilopoulos

Bouboulina, Greek movie | 00:00, Tuesday 26 March (Athens time)

Captain Lascarina Bouboulina decides to organize the revolution in Spetses despite her double widowhood. In the struggle for the liberation of Greece, she gives all her property, fighting along with her lads.

Directed by Kostas Andritsos / Written by Nestoras Matsas, Kostas Asimakopoulos

Starring: Irene Papas, Andreas Barkoulis, Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Miranta Myrat, Georgia Vasileiadou, Christoforos Nezer, Nikos Kourkoulos (his first film appearance).

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