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Οι Γερμανοί DARK SKY μιλούν στο Hephaestus

Tell us a few words about the creation of Dark Sky!

In the 80s, a few boys at our school got together to form a rock band, like their idols Judas Priest, AC/DC and the Scorpions. After a few line-up changes and many years of experience, the student band then developed into the current melodic metal band DARK SKY.


What is the concept behind the name Dark Sky?

DARK SKY stands for melodic metal, with catchy hooks and melodies as well as hard grooves and rhythms. It is always important to us that the song has recognition value and that we as musicians can identify with it.


We want one lyric of one of your songs that could describe your music!

Oh, do we have lyrics that describe our music? Let me think about it… actually, in the lyrics we deal more with topics that concern us and less with lyrics about us as a band and our work. But honestly, it’s a good idea. Maybe we can take that up on the next album and have a wild song about our life as rock musicians from DARK SKY?


Your new album Signs Of Time is out! What are your feelings about this new release?

The new album is like a new start for DARK SKY. We have an almost completely new line-up with new, hungry musicians who have brought fresh blood into the band and created an incredible dynamic. The reactions were very good at home and abroad and we can really say that it is the band’s most successful album to date. After the release we also got the opportunity to perform at major festivals, which took the band a step further.


What are your pros and cons about this new album?

Well, the advantages, or rather the positive aspects of the album are that Markus Teske from the Bazement Studio has once again produced a very good sound, and that we have recorded some very good songs, some of which we will also include in the live program. The only negative aspect is that we still don’t get enough media attention and it’s hard to reach all the people who would actually like this album.


Which song is the most listenable to the audience?

So I think the title track “Signs Of The Time”, the ice hockey anthem “Heroes On Ice” and “Forgiveness” are certainly songs from the album that are very well received by the audience, as we could already see at the last concerts. But “Fools”, with its driving rhythm and catchy chorus, also rocks really well live. Take a look at the music videos for these four songs, what do you think?


What is the concept of this new album? Which is the story behind the music and the title of this album?

Immediately after our last tour at the end of 2018, we started writing new songs. Then came the pandemic and with it the extreme restrictions and bans, which were catastrophic and not just for us musicians. These experiences shaped some of the content on the CD, both the lyrics and the sound. Ok, DARK SKY are certainly still a melodic metal band, but influences from symphonic and power metal can actually be heard on the new CD. I’m sure that these influences will fit well with DARK SKY and will also be popular with the fans.


What are you plans this period?

We are currently preparing intensively for the next big festivals and since we also have a new guitarist in the band with Kevin Kurtz, it is of course important to grow together as a band. It’s working great so far and we’re looking forward to the festivals. Since the release of the album we have also been working with our agency Angels PR Music Promotion, which has opened new doors for us at festivals. The festival season begins on June 2nd with Metalfest in Pilsen, Czech Republic. We’re already working on new songs again and maybe we can present a new single with a music video at the beginning of July. There are also big projects coming up for next year, as we finally want to play a small tour in Asia.


Will you play to any festival this year to promote your new project?

As I said, we will play at the Metalfest in Plzen on June 2nd and then continue with a performance in our home country together with our friends from Kissin Dynamite, before heading back to the Czech Republic for the Masters Of Rock festival and then we go to Romania for the Metalhead Meeting in Bucharest. Festivals in Germany and Italy are still on the agenda for August. So we have plenty of opportunity to present the new album live 😉


Thank you Dark Sky! Do you want to share anything else?

Thank you for the questions and of course we would be happy if we could see each other at one of our performances at some point. Until then, I can only recommend that all interested readers listen to our album “Signs Of The Time” and watch the music videos from the new album on YouTube and visit us on Instagram or Facebook. See you!


DARK SKY – Signs Of The Time (Official Music Video)

DARK SKY – Forgiveness (Official Music Video 4k) 2023

Dark Sky – Heroes On Ice (Official Music Video 4K) 2023

DARK SKY – Fools (Official Music Video) 2023


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