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Anna – Maria and Eirini Alexandri: Our 4rth World Championships are over and we can’t believe it


Coming here we had some goals that we wanted to achieve. We were optimistic but we didn’t know if we will… Now we come home with 2 bronze medals and we can’t believe that the dream and the goal that we have set many years ago, to win a medal in World Championships came true.

The last years have been very difficult. We had many ups and downs, we doubt ourselves and the goals that we set and we didn’t knew if we will ever become what we wanted to.

But now we can’t really put into words how we feel.

We want to thank our coach for her great work with us and for pushing us every day even if it wasn’t always easy for neither of us.



We want to thank our mum for being the number 1 supporter of us and for sacrificing so many things for us and to be here where we now are. She was the first one saying us that if we wanted and work for it we will one day get it.

We want to thank every single person from so many countries who supports us with unforgettable/lovely messages, with words that we will never forget and that will always stay in our hearts, motivate us every day and bring tears to our eyes reading them. We can’t put into words how thankful we are about seeing fellow athletes, coaches, judges or other members being happy with our joy.

Thank you so much

Now we will have some days off and then a lot of work is waiting us since we have the European Championships in Rom on August.

Foto: GEPA pictures

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