3rd GIWA: The submission process of the international awards has officially begun


Its an initiative whose purpose is to recognise and promote the achievements of Greek women around the world

The Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) Committee, is announcing the opening of the submission process for all candidates. This year’s award ceremony will be held in Spring 2023, in Athens.

The international awards, which will be conducted for the third time, aim to recognise and award, distinguished Greek women in Greece and abroad for their achievements and actions in their professional field of expertise.

This year’s award categories are:

Arts & Culture

Business & Entrepreneurship Design

Education and Psychology

Environment & Sustainability




Law and Political Science

Media & Communication and Marketing

Science & Technology


Social Responsibility


Young star award 18-25

The submission process which began on the 1st of June 2022 will continue until the 14th November via the GIWA website

The GIWA Awards process is based on the principle of transparency and will be guaranteed by the supervision of the nominee selection process by the Gold Awards sponsor EY. The next stage is that of the Jury, which consists of personalities who have distinguished themselves in their field in Greece and internationally and represent the values of GIWA: excellence, validity, respect, productivity, responsibility, transparency and ethos.

Among other things, the international awards process will include the general public in the decision-making process (via public voting), which will take place on GIWA’s official website.

Official sponsors and supporters:

Gold Sponsor & Process Reviewer: EY

Category Sponsor (Environment & Sustainability): Heracles Group of Companies

Accounting Sponsor: UKBC Business Consulting

Production Sponsor: Meliora Communications

Platform Sponsors: Eventora & Inku

Media partner: ERTWORLD, ERTFLIX

Media sponsors: Infowoman, OK Magazine, Znews, Fay’s Control,,, Hephaestus Radio, Hephaestus Wien, e-Volta, Greek List, Greek Select,, Living Postcards,

Supporters: ICC Hellas, Mexoxo, Δύναμη Προσφοράς, Womenontop, Lean in Hellas, Unique Minds, IforU, Life&Smile, Financial Greeks, Hellenides, Υπέροχες Γυναίκες


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