ST. AURORA – EP “They all remember” – Review



AURORA, EP ”They all remember”..(28 May 2021, self release)

“They All Remember” is the title of St. Aurora’s debut EP. St. Aurora is a group of 5 young people coming from Helsinki, Finland. These guys really put to sound, music and lyrics all the energy, emotion and spirit of youth! The songs that have found the way to “They All Remember” EP are pretty diverse. The style is mainly alternative rock, but round it many other styles circle like punk, metalcore, heavy metal, nu metal, modern/groove metal, and the blues. So, there is a big variety in the band’s influences, moods and expressive ways.

The songwriting of St. Aurora is actually genius enough to combine all the aforementioned elements in one style, gaining them a very personal and easily recognizable sound. The songs may be different from one another, but they do sound tight and you will instantly understand they come from the same band. This means that St. Aurora have actually formed a kind of trademark sound just from their debut EP, while other bands need years to find it!! This is a huge success for sure!

“Falling (Just Another Way to Fly)” is a brilliant single with clever music themes and lyrics! It has everything a top-hit needs. However, having top-hits seems not to be the important thing for St. Aurora, because they surely feel more important to express their true selves. The band sounds totally professional and having fun at the same time. “Falling (Just Another Way to Fly)” is an alternative/punk song with an indie/new wave feel.

I think the band surely likes Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Palaye Royale, In This Moment and of course Slipknot. Now, if you feel these influences are on the right track or match your personal taste, then be sure that St. Aurora don’t just copy-paste these bands, they make their own music and they have their own style. So, they are very much an original band!

The rest of “They All Remember” EP has 2 more alternative/punk songs (“Rejects of Society” and “Agree to Disagree”) in which the band puts all the high energy and aggression they have mixed with fun and the right vibes, and 2 darker songs which have a bluesy aura, but metal/metalcore outbreaks as well (“They All Remember” and “Is it My Time?”). In these songs St. Aurora show their sensitive and esoteric side and they try to make the listener think.

Conclusively, “They All Remember” EP marks a very good debut for the Finnish band St. Aurora. The diversity in their songwriting guarantees you a pleasant listening experience. The songs are really very well constructed and enjoyable. We hope to hear from St. Aurora soon with a full length release. In the meantime, “They All Remember” EP is a true must for alternative rock and metalcore fans.

St. Aurora – Falling (Just Another Way to Fly) | Official Music Video