200 Years Fighting. «Let there be Light out of darkness!»

Massacre at Chios (Painting of E. Delacroix)


Stay tuned on the 8th May, Saturday at 11 am CET time for a unique music celebration of the 200th year anniversary of the Greek war of Independence, as inspired by the well-known Cypriot soprano, Chryso Makariou. Something you have never experienced before!

The cultural association “Vienna Quartiere Artistico” and the expatriate association “Hephaestus Wien – Österreichisch/Griechischer Intergrationsverein” (i.e. Austrian/Greek Integration Association) welcome you to watch a music video that commemorates and celebrates the 200th year anniversary of the Greek war of Independence against the Ottoman empire and the foundation of the contemporary Hellenic Republic.

In this music video you will be guided via magical illustrations through various important historical events starting from the French Revolution, mother of all contemporary revolutions and source of inspiration of Giordano’s “Andrea Chenier” opera – including as well the “La mamma morta” aria. Then, you will be able to experience highlights of the Greek war of Independence through momentous paintings created by the greatest philhellene artists, such as Eugène Delacroix. Those paintings represent crucial moments of the Greek war remembered still to this day: the tragic liberation attempt of the Greek population of the Missolonghi city (“Greece on the ruins of Missolonghi”), the terrible Chios massacre by Ottoman troops (“Massacre at Chios”) and many more that depict tremendous and decisive events that took place during this war.


Chryso Makariou at Green Line (Buffer Zone of the Un. Nations in Nicosia), Foto Credit: Demetris A. Makariou/ Petros Navona (c)


This video offers the opportunity to the viewer to travel through time and witness the most important events of the Greek nation of the 20th century; from the Macedonian Struggle, the Greco-Turkish wars and the Greek population driven out of Turkey to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and its occupation to this day. It is a feature on the great past as well as the future challenges that Hellenism is called to face.

This superb initiative is embellished by Chryso Makariou’s magic voice, Erina Nakasaku’s amazing talent in piano and Agniezka Kabut’s enchanting cello output. Music curator is Vasilis Tsiatsianis while Chryso Makariou and Dr. Spiridoula Katsarou came up with the whole magnificent video idea. Dimitris A. Makariou was in charge of Chryso Makariou’s photo shooting on the Green Line (United Nations Buffer Zone) in Nicosia while the photos were edited by Petros Dimitriou (Petros Navona).

The paintings depicting the Turkish invasion of Cyprus as well as the moment of desired liberation have been brought to life by Chryso Makariou’s father, the talented and famous Cypriot painter Andreas Makariou. The video has been edited by Dimitris A. Makariou.

Don’t miss the date and follow the YouTube link below to take part in an extraordinary experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB7YjHDYssk