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Official Presentation of Santorini Experience 2022 Culture & Sports in Santorini

Foto: Swimming from the volcano to the old port in Fira in Santorini Experience (photo by Babis Giritziotis @ Santorini Experience)

Registrations are open!

Santorini’s tourism will boost again with Santorini Experience 2022, as amateur and professional swimmers and runners, are expected to visit once again one of the world’s top tourist destinations through sports tourism. Santorini Experience will be held on September 23-25 ​​for its 6th year and will include unique running and swimming routes with a backdrop of Santorini’s enchanting landscape.


On Wednesday, July 27, this year’s event official presentation took place in the Acropolis Museum, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization, Ms. Angela Gerekou, the Mayor of Thira, Mr. Antonis Sigalas, the Deputy Mayor of Thira and Head of Culture Ms. Sofia Kitsou and the Chief Executive Officer of ActiveMedia Group, Mr. Akis Tsolis, while the Deputy Minister of Culture & Sports, Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis sent his greeting through a video message. The press conference was held in the presence of the Technical Director of the event’s swimming race, Nikos Gemelos, the World Open Water Swimming Champion, Representative of the athletes of the Hellenic Swimming Federation and member of its Board of Directors, Kelly Araouzou, the President of the Hellenic Association of Sports Press, Mr. Yannis Theodorakopoulos as well as many journalists.

Thira Municipality is not limited to simply hosting a major tourism event on the island of Santorini, as it intends to also highlight the cultural wealth of a globally leading tourism destination, organizing Santorini Experience, after two years of pandemic.

From the left: Sofia Kitsou, Sofia Zacharaki, Antonis Sigalas, Angela Gerekou, Akis Tsolis (photo by John Septouxas @ Santorini Experience)

In the context of the press conference, the Mayor of Thira, Mr. Antonis Sigalas, stated among other things: “Santorini holds an enviable position on the world stage, and is one of the leading and most popular holiday destinations. Our goal is to further upgrade our tourist product and enrich it with new alternative forms of tourism that offer unprecedented experiences. The symbolisms of the names of the two sports activities that we have announced for Santorini Experience is obvious. We want to connect the authentic experience with the history and the elements of our cultural reserve as well as to honor the founders of the “Loula & Evangelos Nomikos” Foundation.

Accordingly, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, said: “The sporting event of Santorini Experience, on the one hand, enriches the tourism product beyond the two elements of sun and sea, while it has all the elements that will make this experience special so that the visitor will return to this wonderful island and our country. At the same time, it has the details of the repetition of the visit for anyone who participates in this event. In Santorini, you have no shortage of reasons to return to the island, but you have many reasons to visit for the first time. We will be there both with the auspices and with the physical presence, but mainly with the message that we will convey to the whole world, that this event is happening in Greece, adding to our overall effort, for quality, sustainability, balance”.

The Deputy Minister of Culture & Sports, Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, addressed his greeting with a video saying, among other things: “Warm congratulations are deserved to the Municipality of Thira, to ActiveMedia Group as well as to all those who have worked for the implementation of this year’s event. What makes this event special is the perfect combination of culture, history, and the natural wealth of Santorini, with the sports tourism of the region as the main driving force”.

The President of the Greek National Tourism Organization, Ms. Angela Gerekou highlighted among other things: “In recent years, Santorini has proven that it can combine the entire kaleidoscope of tourism that we work on and promote for our country. The exceptional event, Santorini Experience, that combines sports, tourism, culture will be able to give a very dynamic boost to the tourism of Santorini”.

From the left: Sofia Kitsou, Sofia Zacharaki, Antonis Sigalas, Angela Gerekou (photo by Mike Tsolis @ Santorini Experience)

In addition, the Deputy Mayor of Thira and Head of Culture, Ms. Sofia Kitsou stated in the context of the Press Conference: “The Daedalic Kore of Thira, is a unique archaeological finding of supernatural size made of marble, dating back to 640 BC, which was found preserved in excellent condition at the site of Sellada in Ancient Thira. This finding of 2.30 meters height and about 750 kilograms weight, is going to be exhibited to the world for the first time, in the outdoor area of ​​the Archaeological Museum of Thira. I am especially glad that ActiveMedia Group shared this vision with us, as we jointly decided to give the name of the Daedalic Kore to the Half Marathon. This year you will have one more reason to participate in Santorini Experience to see the Daedalic Kore up close”.

Finally, the Chief Executive Officer of ActiveMedia Group, Mr. Akis Tsolis said, among other things: “In combination with all the new trends in tourism, the tourism plan based on the destinations together with the institutional framework formed by the Ministry of Tourism, aims at creating Greek branded tourist products in the field of sports tourism. The high-quality and diversified events that are created are sporting events with a unique Greek identity, are a national treasure on which our national income directly depends and overall, contribute to the well-being of our country. Moreover, we should keep in mind that we don’t create our brand, but the audience that participates. We do not have a say οn this, but our participants are the only ones who do, because it concerns them. For this reason, we are optimistic about our new venture”.

From the left: Sofia Zacharaki, Angela Gerekou (photo by Mike Tsolis @ Santorini Experience)

“Travel” through the magnificent images of Santorini’s landscape and the tune composed by the renowned Greek artist Kid Moxie following an international career in Los Angeles, USA. The music was inspired by the santouri. An ancient musical instrument, which is an integral part of the Greek tradition and is widespread all over the world both to India, China and to the west, in the Middle East, the Balkans, etc.

Watch the teaser video here:

Register now – Free registration for Thira Municipality Citizens

Participants can register and take part in the impressive “Daedalic Kore of Thira” Half Marathon and the 1.5 miles “L & E Nomikos” Open Water Swimming. The citizens of Thira Municipality can participate for free. Register here:

Run in the “Daedalic Kore of Thira” Half Marathon

The “Daedalic Kore of Thira” Half Marathon will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2022, running across the enchanting areas of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira. More routes and surprises will be announced.

From the left: Nikos Gemelos, Kelly Araouzou (photo by Mike Tsolis @ Santorini Experience)

Take part in the 1.5 miles “L & E Nomikos” Open Water Swimming route from the Volcano to Fira

Participating athletes will have the opportunity to swim in the unique 1.5 miles (2.4 km) “L & E Nomikos” open water swimming route, of Santorini Experience. The swimming event is going to be held on Sunday September 25, 2022, starting from the volcano with its finish line at the old port of Fira, under the imposing view of the island.

Vikos Natural Mineral Water is the event’s Official Water.

Englobia and Esperisma bar restaurant are Official Supporters.

Up to this point, this year’s event is enormously supported by the following hospitality sponsors / hotels: Kivotos Santorini, The Tsitouras Collection, Vedema, A Luxury Collection Restort Santorini, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Colombo’s Beachfront Hotel, Sienna Eco Resort, 270 Oia’s View – Lydia’s House, West East Suites, Marvarit Suites, Loizos Stylish Residences, Athina Luxury Suites.

Run in the “Daedalic Kore of Thira” Half Marathon (photo by Santorini Experience)

Santorini Experience takes place this year for the 6th year and is organized by the Municipality of Thira and the Sports Tourism department of ActiveMedia Group.

The event will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization.

More information on new surprises of this year’s event and special offers for access to Santorini, will be announced in the coming weeks at:


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