Michael Peloso : “Here From There” (New Album)

Michael Peloso is a talented American indie songwriter and producer who released his first solo album called Life’s Little Accidents on September 7, 2021.

Michael, as a survivor of both epilepsy and stage 4 cancer, has established the freedom to express his views and emotions in a unique manner. His music compositions are heartfelt, sentimental, tender, nostalgic and accompanied by powerful arranging and production skills.

His new album called “Here From There” will be released on July 18 from his publishing group “Four Simple Notes”. He gave that title because he started his first song, with ‘four simple notes.’ It was a tribute to the universe allowing him to follow his muse while finding success as a songwriter.

The new album will contain nine lovely flowing piano and guitar melodies that meld together in a lovely way with Marisa Frantz on vocals.

Other featuring guest musicians are guitarist Sal Vitale and cellists Kate Dillingham and Yoed Nir. On that album like the previous one, the talented musician displays both his musical prowess and special storytelling abilities.

All of the songs which have been co-produced, co-arranged and co-engineered by Peloso and featured longtime collaborator Matthew Shell could become reference points. Especially Marisa Frantz’s ethereal vocals take you back in time and create warmth and peace where the lyrics are so heart touching and meaningful while the whole production made for a winning combination.

The songs “Rewind” and “That Will Be Me” have been already released as singles

My most beloved tracks are “That Will Be Me”, “Chance of A Lifetime”, “Where Do You Go”, “Ella’s Pink Balloon” and “Better Days Ahead”.


The tracklist :

1. Road Trippin to Heaven (3:47)
2. Chance of a Lifetime (3:38)
3. That Will Be Me (4:05)
4. Where Do You Go? (3:45)
5. Street of Gold (4:22)
6. Rewind (3:49)
7. Angels Are Listening (4:50)
8. Ella's Pink Balloon (4:16)
9. Better Days Ahead (4:12)


All songs written by Michael Peloso

except for : Street of Gold (Michael Peloso, Sal Vitale)

Michael Peloso: composer, arranger, producer, piano, keyboards
Marisa Frantz: vocals, vocal arrangements
Matthew Shell: arranger, producer, percussion on Better Days Ahead
Erik Fredriksen: mixing & mastering engineer, drums on Ella’s Pink Balloon, additional keys on Street of Gold
Hector Ruano: bass
Glenn Welman: drums & percussion
Sami Turunen: guitars
Sal Vitale: guitar & arrangement, producer on Street of Gold
Kate Dillingham: cello, string arrangements on Ella’s Pink Balloon
Yoed Nir: cello, string arrangements on That Will Be Me
Mark Addison: Hammond organ on Street of Gold
JONQ: beatbox layers on Rewind
Laurie Ziel: photography, album cover photo


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