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Larnaca Biennale 2025: October 15- November 28, 2023

Larnaca Biennale is excited to announce its thematic framework and all details for the Open Call for artists.

Under the “Along lines and traces” theme conceived by curator Sana Lopez Abellan, artists are invited to develop and submit works on how thinking about lines can contribute to our understanding of our expressions of humanity in the world. How can the tactile, shapes, materials, and sensorial experiences reflect our inner world into the exterior? Can that which is unspoken reach us directly through an abstraction?

Artists can submit their artwork proposal via an online application that will be available on the Larnaca Biennale website from the 1st of June 2024 until 31st of March 2025 and the International Jury committee members of Larnaca Biennale 2025 will be announced in the next months.

In addition to the main exhibition, Larnaca Biennial as a city-wide project will host a series of artistic and culture parallel events such as theatre, performances, educational programs, concerts, activities, lectures, and workshops, based on the theme. The open call for parallel event proposals will open from July 1st until October 31st.

Photo Credit: City of Larnaka

Theme: ”Along Lines and Traces”

‘In this fourth Larnaca Biennale, ́lines and traces ́ will form the support upon which we can imagine metaphoric, symbolic, and physical expressions of how we make sense of our world and our placement in it. From how lineages and traditions develop, how stories narrate, how thoughts are constructed, to how we move, how we connect and communicate, and how we create and produce meaning.

As humans, we are primarily sustained by our actions and our movements in life. What if we would imagine our world along lines and traces? As a start, we can think of how our repetitive movements over a territory would leave a trace on the natural landscape and how scraping over a surface could make our existence seen thousands of years later. Not only do the traces speak to us about our past, they also inform our future.

These lines become even more fascinating when they start reflecting connections between people: when the lines become an abstraction through which we communicate, but also a testament to our movement in history, a convergence or node.’  Sana Lopez Abellan, Curator Larnaca Biennale 2025 (LB4)

For all information regarding the open call, submissions rules etc. visit .

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