FIRST LISTEN REVIEW : The first international album of Dimitris Nezis “Dimitrios” sounds like a Greatest Hits album

The singer, composer, lyricist and performer Dimitris Nezis releases the first full-length international album entitled “Dimitrios”

So far Dimitris Nezis has released 24 singles and three Greek-language albums, while at the same time he has won over of 40 international music awards in 14 years of career as an independent artist and furthermore is a Voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards)

The album “Dimitrios” contains 11 tracks, specific 9 tracks and 2 bonus tracks/ very beautiful and summer remixes of the song “Deceive Me” in a duet with Natalie Jean which has already been released as a lead single at the beginning of the year and has an american sound (and this is a plus since Dimitris is active in the United States).

All the songs have been composed by Constantine Oikonomopoulos, while Dimitris has written the lyrics. Also, the two together have been collaborated in the production.

On a first listen the album is well written and produced. The vocals are quite impressive and for a Greek singer the English is very decent. Also each track has its own dynamics and could easily be released as a separate single.

One of the best tracks (although, as we said before, all tracks are quite pleasant) is the track “Party Hard” which is basically what the title says. A highly danceable song that can easily get you hooked with strong vocals and well-made production which might reminds you of a Kylie’s (Minogue) song. Rap vocals from Rafaelo are also heard at the end.

On the plus side, the album also brings together sounds from two beloved decades of the 80’s and 90’s. For example, the track “Phoenix” which is a quite danceable track and could easily transport you to the 80’s while the track “Ecstacy” sounds “playful” and could transport you to the 90’s.  Furthermore the song “Spell On The Dance Floor”,  a pop track with a dark sexy sound has been already released as a second single from the album not by chance! In fact, “Spell On The Dance Floor” has already been heard by the radio team of the BBC Radio in UK.

The song “Grand Slam” is a real revelation. The 90’s sound with its nostalgic vocals (helped by the female vocals of Luna) combined with the excellent production manage to give you an intense nostalgia for that beautiful decade.

Furthermore the tracks “Invitation” and “Not A Saint” are very nice, the first is an electronic dance song and the second is a pop song. Both are “addictive” and sound quite pleasant. For the end I deliberately left the track “Trapped” which is quite interesting since it combines ethnic sounds with strong synthesizers and drums at a tempo of 180 bpm (ideal tempo for more drum and bass and techno sounds, which makes it stand out from all the songs of the album).

In conclusion, I would say that the album “Dimitrios” manages to stand decently next to music releases by famous artists.


Invitation (4/5)

Deceive Me (4/5)

Spell On The Dance Floor  (5/5)

Trapped (4/5)

Not A Saint (4/5)

Phoenix (5/5)

Ecstasy (5/5)

Party Hard (5/5)

Gland Slam (5/5)

Deceive Me (Summer Remix) (4/5)

Deceive Me (Frida House) (4/5)

Total Score = 4,4/5

The album will be released on all digital platforms on June 28th by AWAL (a subsidiary of Sony Music USA) & Pulse Music Greece and has already been uploaded for Pre-Order on his official site on a collectible signed CD.


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