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The Department of Antiquities of the Deputy Ministry of Culture announces that on the 17th July 2023 at 20:30 the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Cypriot artist Alexia Vassiliou will be presenting her conceptual live-arts cultural work “Kypris” at the Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia. The event will be outdoors, with free entry.

In ancient inscriptions, the epithet Kypris was given to Cyprus’ most emblematic female deity, demonstrating the widespread worship of the goddess, on an island-wide scale. Inspired by the antiquities exhibited in the Cyprus Museum and the historic space that houses them, Alexia’s artistic approach enhances the visibility of cultural heritage and contemporary cultural expressions through her series of Live-Arts performances for Cyprus.

Through her feminine perspective of storytelling, Alexia invites the audience on an experiential personal journey. The performance highlights the importance of cultural heritage and especially archaeological objects, in the expression of identity. Through the work “Kypris”, Alexia gives a voice to the unspoken stories of antiquities, their thematic dimensions, the history of the Cyprus Museum, its people – known and unknown, and the communities that lived on this land before us. Creating a bridge between the ancient world and the present, Alexia creates an aural landscape, a fusion of jazz, classical, improvisation, and electronic music, with a contemporary approach to traditional Cypriot song, songs from Alexia’s Greek repertoire, original compositions, and songs from Alexia’s International Jazz repertoire, that have a connection, symbolisms, and references to Cyprus.

The musical program is woven with short narratives related to the history of the Cyprus Museum and its people through the centuries by art historian, Dr. Iosif Hadjikyriakos.

Concept & Voice | Alexia Vassiliou

Keyboard | Giorgos Morfitis

Keyboard & Electronics | Christos Yerolatsitis

Percussion | Rodos Panagiotou

Orchestrations | Alexia Vassiliou, George Morfitis, Christos Yerolatsitis

Narration & Research | Dr. Iosif Hadjikyriakos

Producer & Creative Director | Valentina Karantoni

Organized by the Department of Antiquities (Deputy Ministry of Culture)

For more information: 0035722865854

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